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Pushup Calorie Calculator Online

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A pushup calorie calculator estimates the number of calories you burn while doing pushups. This tool takes into account the intensity of your pushups, the duration of your workout, and your body weight to provide an accurate estimation of calories burned. By inputting these variables, you can get a personalized insight into how your pushup regimen contributes to your fitness goals.

Formula of Pushup Calorie Calculator

To calculate the calories burned during pushups, you can use the following formula:

Calories burned = MET value * time (minutes) * 3.5 * body weight (kg) / 200

  • MET value: Indicates the metabolic equivalent of a task, a measure of the energy cost of physical activity.
    • 3.8 for moderate-intensity push-ups (most common)
    • 8.0 for vigorous push-ups (faster or with added weight)
  • Time: Duration of your push-up workout in minutes
  • Body weight: Your weight in kilograms (kg)
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This formula allows individuals to customize their calculations based on their unique workout intensity, duration, and body composition, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fitness tracking.

General Terms and Calculations Table

To further aid understanding and usage, below is a table providing general terms and sample calculations for an average individual weighing 70 kg, performing pushups for various durations at moderate intensity:

Duration (Minutes)Calories Burned (Approx.)

These values serve as a guide to help you estimate the caloric burn from your pushup sessions without the need for real-time calculations.

Example of Pushup Calorie Calculator

For a 70 kg individual doing moderate-intensity pushups for 15 minutes, the calculation would be as follows:

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Calories burned = 3.8 * 15 * 3.5 * 70 / 200 = 57 calories

This example demonstrates the practical application of the formula, offering a clear understanding of how to calculate calories burned during pushups.

Most Common FAQs

How accurate is the pushup calorie calculator?

While the calculator provides a close estimation, individual metabolic rates and the exact intensity of pushups can vary. Thus, consider this tool as a guide rather than an exact measurement.

How often should I do pushups to see results?

The frequency of pushup workouts should depend on your fitness goals and overall exercise regimen. Generally, incorporating pushups 2-3 times a week can help improve strength and endurance over time.

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