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Jumping Jacks Calories Burned Calculator Online

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The Jumping Jacks Calories Burned Calculator is a tool designed to estimate the number of calories you burn while performing jumping jacks. It takes into account the intensity of the activity, your weight, and the duration of the exercise to provide an accurate calculation of calories expended. This calculator is invaluable for anyone looking to manage weight, track workout efficiency, or integrate a structured exercise routine into their fitness journey.

Formula of Jumping Jacks Calories Burned Calculator

To calculate the calories burned through jumping jacks, the calculator uses the following formula:

Calories burned = MET * weight in kg * duration in hours


  • MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) for jumping jacks is 8.0.
  • Weight is your body weight in kilograms.
  • Duration is the time spent doing jumping jacks in hours (most likely a fraction of an hour, e.g., 0.25 for 15 minutes).
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This formula is grounded in exercise science, ensuring accurate and reliable results for users.

General Reference Table for Jumping Jacks Calories Burned

Weight (kg)Duration (minutes)Calories Burned (approx.)

This table provides a quick glance at how many calories you can expect to burn doing jumping jacks based on your weight and the duration of your exercise session.

Example of Jumping Jacks Calories Burned Calculator

To illustrate, consider a person weighing 70 kg performing jumping jacks for 15 minutes (0.25 hours):

Calories burned = 8.0 * 70 * 0.25 = 140 calories

This example demonstrates the calculator's straightforward application, offering immediate insight into the effectiveness of jumping jacks as a calorie-burning exercise.

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Most Common FAQs

How Accurate Is The Jumping Jacks Calories Burned Calculator?

The calculator provides a close estimate of calories burned, leveraging standard MET values recognized in fitness science. However, individual metabolic rates and exercise intensity levels can influence actual calorie expenditure.

Can I Use This Calculator for Different Weights and Times?

Yes, the calculator is versatile and can compute calories burned for any weight and duration input, making it a personalized tool for tracking fitness progress.

What Other Exercises Can I Compare With Jumping Jacks Using This Calculator?

While specifically designed for jumping jacks, the principle behind the calculator can apply to other exercises by adjusting the MET value accordingly. It offers a comparative perspective on the calorie-burning potential of various activities.

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