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Rent Arrears Calculator: Simplifying Your Outstanding Rent Calculations

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Rent arrears can be a troublesome issue for both landlords and tenants. Keeping track of missed payments, calculating the total due including late fees, can become a hassle. To simplify this process, we introduce the Rent Arrears Calculator, a quick and reliable tool that makes managing rent arrears effortless.

The Math Behind Rent Arrears

The calculation of rent arrears is relatively straightforward. The Rent Arrears Calculator utilizes the following formula:

Total Rent Arrears = (Monthly Rent * Months in Arrears) + Late Fees

Using the Rent Arrears Calculator

  1. Monthly Rent (in dollars): Enter the monthly rent amount. This is typically stipulated in the lease agreement.
  2. Months in Arrears: Specify the number of months for which the rent has not been paid.
  3. Late Fees (in dollars): If applicable, input the total amount of any late fees. These could be specified in the lease or determined by local rental laws.
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Click the ‘Calculate’ button, and the Rent Arrears Calculator will display the total amount owed. If you need to perform a new calculation, hit the ‘Reset’ button.

Rent Arrears Calculator in Action: An Example

Let’s consider an example where a tenant pays $800 monthly and is three months in arrears. They also owe $50 in late fees.

The Rent Arrears Calculator would calculate the total amount owed as follows:

Total Rent Arrears = ($800 * 3) + $50 = $2450

Therefore, the tenant owes a total of $2450 in rent arrears and late fees.


Whether you’re a landlord keeping track of unpaid rents or a tenant trying to figure out how much you owe, the Rent Arrears Calculator is a valuable tool. By delivering accurate and immediate results, it removes the complexity and potential for mistakes in manual calculations. Always remember to respect local laws and regulations concerning rent arrears and late fees.

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