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Shunt Current Calculator: Streamlining Your Electrical Calculations

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Electrical calculations can often be complex and time-consuming. In many circuits, especially in ammeter designs, it’s critical to know the current flowing through the shunt resistor, referred to as the shunt current. To streamline this process, we introduce the Shunt Current Calculator, a tool to quickly and accurately calculate the shunt current.

Understanding the Shunt Current

In an ammeter shunt configuration, a small resistor, known as a shunt, is placed in parallel with the ammeter. The current flowing through this shunt is known as the shunt current. The Shunt Current Calculator employs a straightforward formula:

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Shunt Current (Is) = Total Current (It) - Load Current (Il)

Navigating the Shunt Current Calculator

  1. Total Current (It): Input the total current in the circuit, usually measured in amperes (A).
  2. Load Current (Il): Enter the current flowing through the load, also in amperes (A).

Click on the ‘Calculate’ button, and the Shunt Current Calculator will instantly compute and display the shunt current. To perform a new calculation, press the ‘Reset’ button.

Putting the Shunt Current Calculator to Use: An Example

Let’s assume you have a circuit with a total current of 10 A and a load current of 8 A.

By plugging these values into the Shunt Current Calculator, we can calculate the shunt current as follows:

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Shunt Current (Is) = 10 A (It) - 8 A (Il) = 2 A

Therefore, the current flowing through the shunt resistor in this circuit is 2 A.


For both beginners and professionals in electronics, the Shunt Current Calculator is a beneficial tool. It simplifies the process of calculating the shunt current, making circuit analysis faster and less error-prone. Remember to handle all electrical components safely and according to their specified ratings.

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