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Fan Power Calculator Online

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The Fan Power Calculator serves as a crucial tool in determining the energy required for a fan to move air through a system. It calculates the power necessary to achieve desired airflows by considering various factors such as air flow rate, pressure drop, and fan efficiency.

Formula of Fan Power Calculator

The Fan Power Calculator operates on the following formula:

P = (Q×ΔP)​ / (3960×η)


  • P represents the fan power (in horsepower).
  • Q denotes the air flow rate (in cubic feet per minute, CFM).
  • ΔP signifies the pressure drop (in inches of water).
  • η stands for the fan efficiency, expressed as a decimal.
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Commonly Searched Terms

Here’s a table summarizing frequently searched terms related to fan power calculations:

Fan PowerCalculation of power needed for fan operation.
Air Flow RateMeasurement of air volume moved per unit time.
Pressure DropLoss of pressure as air moves through a system.
Fan EfficiencyEfficiency of the fan in converting power.

Example of Fan Power Calculator

Imagine a scenario where a ventilation system needs to move air at a rate of 1000 CFM with a pressure drop of 1.5 inches of water and a fan efficiency of 0.85. Plugging these values into the formula:

P=(1000×1.5) / (3960×0.85)​

The Fan Power Calculator would output the power required to achieve this airflow under these conditions.

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Q: How do I determine the air flow rate?

A: The air flow rate can be measured using specific instruments designed to calculate the volume of air passing through a given area in a specified time.

Q: Why is fan efficiency important?

A: Fan efficiency is crucial as it indicates how effectively the fan converts input power into airflow. Higher efficiency means better utilization of power.

Q: Can I use this calculator for any type of fan?

A: Yes, the calculator can be used for various fan types as long as the parameters (air flow rate, pressure drop, efficiency) are known.

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