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Coaxial Line Impedance Calculator Online

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The Coaxial Line Impedance Calculator serves as a valuable tool for engineers, technicians, and enthusiasts in the field of electrical engineering. It aids in determining the impedance of a coaxial line, a crucial parameter necessary for designing and optimizing various electrical circuits, antennas, and communication systems.

Formula of Coaxial Line Impedance Calculator

The formula utilized in the Coaxial Line Impedance Calculator is as follows:

Z = (138 * log10(D/d)) / sqrt(εr)


  • Z represents the impedance of the coaxial line, measured in ohms.
  • D signifies the outer diameter of the outer conductor, provided in millimeters or meters.
  • d denotes the inner diameter of the inner conductor, also in millimeters or meters.
  • εr stands for the relative permittivity or dielectric constant of the material between the inner and outer conductors.
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This formula enables the calculation of impedance, a crucial parameter in understanding the behavior and characteristics of coaxial cables used in various electrical applications.

General Terms Table

Here is a helpful table showcasing some commonly searched general terms that will assist individuals in understanding and using the calculator without the need for manual calculations:

Coaxial CableA type of electrical cable used in various applications for transmitting signals.
ImpedanceThe total opposition that a circuit offers to the flow of alternating current.
Dielectric ConstantThe measure of a material’s ability to store electrical energy in an electric field.

This table aims to provide users with easy access to essential terms related to coaxial cables and impedance, aiding their comprehension and usage of the calculator.

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Example of Coaxial Line Impedance Calculator

Consider a coaxial cable with an outer diameter (D) of 10 mm and an inner diameter (d) of 5 mm, along with a dielectric constant (εr) of 2.5. Using the Coaxial Line Impedance Calculator, the impedance (Z) can be calculated as follows:

Z = (138 * log10(10/5)) / sqrt(2.5) Z ≈ 138 / 1.183 ≈ 116.56 ohms

This example demonstrates how the calculator can swiftly compute impedance values for different coaxial cable configurations.

Most Common FAQs

What is the significance of coaxial cable impedance?

The impedance of a coaxial cable determines its compatibility with connected devices and influences signal transmission efficiency.

Is the dielectric constant crucial in coaxial cable design?

Absolutely, the dielectric constant significantly affects the cable’s performance and signal propagation characteristics.

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