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Hill Gradient Calculator Online

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The Hill Gradient Calculator serves as a tool to determine the slope or gradient of a hill in terms of a percentage. It computes this value based on the vertical rise and horizontal run between two points on the hill.

Formula of Hill Gradient Calculator

The formula used by the Hill Gradient Calculator is:

Gradient (%) = (Vertical Rise / Horizontal Run) * 100


  • Gradient (%) is the slope or gradient of the hill expressed as a percentage.
  • Vertical Rise represents the vertical change in elevation, such as the difference in height between two distinct points on the hill.
  • Horizontal Run signifies the horizontal distance between those two specified points on the hill.
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General Terms People Search For

Here is a table of common terms related to hill gradients that people often search for:

Search TermDescription
Slope PercentageA measure of the incline or decline on a hill
Hill Slope FormulaMathematical equation to calculate hill gradients
Hill GradeAnother term referring to the slope of a hill

This table can be a quick reference for users, aiding them without the need to calculate each time.

Example of Hill Gradient Calculator

Imagine two points on a hill: Point A at the base and Point B at the top. The vertical rise between these points is 50 meters, and the horizontal run measures 250 meters. Plugging these values into the Hill Gradient Calculator, we get:

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Gradient (%) = (50 / 250) * 100 = 20%

This implies that for every 250 meters horizontally traveled, the elevation rises by 50 meters, resulting in a 20% slope.

Most Common FAQs

Q: What is the significance of knowing the gradient of a hill?

A: Understanding the hill gradient is crucial for various applications like road construction, landscaping, and determining the intensity of physical activities like hiking or cycling.

Q: How can I measure the vertical rise and horizontal run accurately?

A: Vertical rise can be measured using altimeters or topographic maps, while horizontal run can be measured using GPS devices or surveying tools.

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