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Hexagon Volume Calculator Online

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The Hexagon Volume Calculator is an essential tool used to determine the volume of a hexagonal prism. This calculator simplifies the complex mathematical process involved in calculating the volume of such geometric shapes.

Formula of Hexagon Volume Calculator

The formula used in the Hexagon Volume Calculator is:

V = (3 * sqrt(3) * s^2 * h) / 2


  • V represents the volume of the hexagonal prism.
  • ‘s’ denotes the length of one side of the hexagonal base.
  • ‘h’ stands for the height of the prism.

This formula encapsulates the relationship between the side length, height, and volume of the hexagonal prism, offering a straightforward approach to obtain accurate volume calculations.

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General Terms Table:

Side LengthLength of one side of hexagon base
HeightHeight of the hexagonal prism
VolumeTotal space occupied by the prism

This table includes commonly searched terms, aiding users in understanding essential concepts related to hexagon volume calculations.

Example of Hexagon Volume Calculator

Let’s consider an example to understand how the Volume Calculator operates. Suppose we have a hexagonal prism with a side length (s) of 5 units and a height (h) of 8 units.

Using the provided formula: V = (3 * sqrt(3) * 5^2 * 8) / 2

Calculating the volume: V = (3 * 8.66 * 25 * 8) / 2 V = (2078.4) / 2 V = 1039.2 units^3

This example illustrates a simple calculation utilizing the formula within the Hexagon Volume Calculator.

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Most Common FAQs:

What is the significance of the hexagon’s side length in volume calculation?

The side length (s) directly affects the hexagon’s base area, crucial in determining the prism’s volume.

How does the height impact the volume of a hexagonal prism?

The height (h) acts as a multiplier to the base area, influencing the total volume of the hexagonal prism.

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