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AP WH Calculator Online

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The AP WH Calculator is designed to estimate your AP World History exam score based on your performance in the multiple-choice and free-response sections. This tool helps you understand where you stand and what areas need improvement, allowing you to focus your study efforts more effectively.

Formula of AP WH Calculator

To calculate the AP World History score, you need to combine the scores from multiple-choice and free-response sections. Here’s a step-by-step process:

Multiple-Choice Section

  • Total number of multiple-choice questions: 55
  • Each correct answer: 1 point
  • Incorrect or unanswered questions: 0 points
  • The maximum score for the multiple-choice section is 55.
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Free-Response Section

This section consists of three parts:

  1. Document-Based Question (DBQ)
    • Scored out of 7 points.
  2. Long Essay Question (LEQ)
    • Scored out of 6 points.
  3. Short-Answer Questions (SAQs)
    • There are 3 SAQs, each scored out of 3 points.
    • Total points for SAQs: 3×3=9

The maximum score for the free-response section is 7+6+9=22

Combine the Scores

Add the scores from the multiple-choice and free-response sections to get the raw score.

  • Raw score = Multiple-choice score + Free-response score

Convert Raw Score to AP Score

The raw score is converted to a scaled AP score (1 to 5) based on a conversion table provided by the College Board. This table may vary slightly each year.

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General Terms and Calculator Conversions

Here is a table of general terms and their respective conversions to help you quickly interpret your scores:

Multiple-Choice ScoreTotal points from correct answers (Max: 55)
Free-Response ScoreTotal points from DBQ, LEQ, and SAQs (Max: 22)
Raw ScoreCombined score from both sections
AP ScoreFinal score (1 to 5) based on conversion table

Example of AP WH Calculator

Let’s walk through an example to see how the AP WH Calculator works:

  1. Multiple-Choice Section: Suppose you answered 40 questions correctly.
    • Multiple-Choice Score = 40
  2. Free-Response Section: Suppose you scored as follows:
    • DBQ: 5
    • LEQ: 4
    • SAQs: 7 (combined score)
    • Free-Response Score = 5+4+7=16
  3. Raw Score: Combine the scores from both sections.
    • Raw Score = 40+16=5640 + 16 = 56
  4. AP Score: Using the conversion table, a raw score of 56 might convert to an AP score of 4.
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Most Common FAQs

How is the AP World History exam scored?

The AP World History exam is scored by combining your scores from the multiple-choice and free-response sections. Each section contributes to your raw score, which is then converted to a scaled AP score between 1 and 5.

How accurate is the AP WH Calculator?

The AP WH Calculator provides an estimate based on typical scoring patterns and conversion tables from past exams. While it offers a good approximation, the final score may vary slightly depending on the specific year’s conversion table.

Can I use the calculator for other AP subjects?

The AP WH Calculator is specifically designed for the AP World History exam. However, similar calculators exist for other AP subjects, each tailored to their respective scoring criteria.

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