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Milliradian Distance Calculator Online

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Milliradians, also known as 'mils', represent an angular measurement unit often used in the military and by shooters for range estimation. A milliradian is defined as 1/1000th of a radian, which is an angle measurement based on the radius of a circle. A milliradian distance calculator uses these units to estimate distance in a more precise manner.

Working of a Milliradian Distance Calculator

A milliradian distance calculator is a mathematical tool designed to determine the distance between the observer and the object being observed. By inputting the size of the object (in inches) and its size in milliradians, the calculator uses a mathematical formula to determine the distance in yards.

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Formula of Milliradian Distance Calculation

The milliradian distance calculator uses the following formula:

Dm = S * 27.8 / mrad


  • Dm is the Milliradian Distance (yards)
  • S is the size of the object (in inches)
  • mrad is the milliradians (mils)

To calculate the milliradian distance (yards), you multiply the size in inches by 27.8, then divide by the milliradians (mils).

Detailed Example of Milliradian Distance Calculation

Let's illustrate this concept with a detailed example. Suppose you have an object that measures 33 inches in size and has a size of 22 milliradians.

Following the formula:

Dm = S * 27.8 / mrad Dm = 33 * 27.8 / 22 Dm = ~41.7 yards

Therefore, the milliradian distance in this example would be approximately 41.7 yards.

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Applications of Milliradian Distance Calculator

Milliradian distance calculators have a wide range of applications. They are commonly used by the military and hunters to estimate the distance of a target. For example, a sniper might use a milliradian distance calculator to determine how far away a target is in order to make a precise shot. In addition, astronomers often use these calculators for astronomical measurements, like determining the distance between stars or other celestial objects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a milliradian?

A milliradian, or 'mil', is 1/1000th of a radian, an angle measurement based on the radius of a circle.

Can a milliradian distance calculator be used for astronomical measurements?

Yes, astronomers often use milliradian distance calculators to determine the distance between celestial bodies.


A milliradian distance calculator is a highly precise tool used in various fields, from military applications to astronomy. Understanding how to use this calculator can significantly improve range estimation and enable precise measurements in a variety of situations. As we've seen, the concept might seem complicated initially, but once you understand the formula and its application, using a milliradian distance calculator becomes a practical skill.

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