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I Beam Weight Per Foot Calculator Online

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The I Beam Weight Per Foot Calculator is a powerful tool used in construction and engineering to swiftly determine the weight per linear foot of an I-beam. This calculation aids in understanding the load-bearing capacities of structural components.

Formula of I Beam Weight Per Foot Calculator

The calculation follows a simple formula:

Weight per foot (lb/ft) = (2 * Width (in) + Height (in) * Flange thickness (in) * Web thickness (in) * 0.2833) / 12


  • Width (in) refers to the width of the I-beam flange.
  • Height (in) signifies the height of the I-beam.
  • Flange thickness (in) represents the thickness of the I-beam flange.
  • Web thickness (in) indicates the thickness of the I-beam web.
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This straightforward formula allows for quick and accurate determination of the weight of I-beams per linear foot, facilitating efficient structural planning and assessment.

Table of General Terms

Load-bearing capacityThe maximum load a structure can support safely.
Structural integrityThe ability of a structure to withstand its intended load.
I-beam dimensionsDifferent sizes and configurations of I-beam cross-sections.

Including a table of general terms provides users with essential information related to structural components and construction, aiding in their understanding without the need for individual calculations.

Example of I Beam Weight Per Foot Calculator

For instance, considering an I-beam with a flange width of 4 inches, a height of 6 inches, a flange thickness of 0.3 inches, and a web thickness of 0.25 inches, the calculator would yield the weight per foot (lb/ft) of the I-beam.

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Most Common FAQs

1. What's the significance of I Beam Weight Per Foot?

The weight per foot measurement helps engineers and architects determine load distribution and overall structural stability in construction projects.

2. How does the calculator simplify construction planning?

By swiftly calculating weight per foot, this tool aids in determining material requirements, supporting accurate cost estimation and structural design.

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