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TRIR Calculator OSHA Online

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TRIR is a critical measure in safety management, serving as a benchmark for OSHA compliance and safety monitoring. It provides a standardized method to evaluate and compare safety performance across different time periods or between companies in similar industries.

Formula of TRIR Calculator OSHA

The TRIR calculation is straightforward but vital for understanding workplace safety dynamics. It is calculated as follows:


  • Number of Recordable Incidents: This includes all incidents that OSHA mandates to be recorde, such as any work-related injury or illness requiring more than first aid.
  • 200,000: Represents the equivalent of 100 employees working full time in a year.
  • Total Hours Worked: The total hours all employees have worked during the year.
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Table of General Terms

Recordable IncidentsIncidents that must be reported to OSHAInjuries requiring medical treatment beyond first aid
Total Hours WorkedCumulative hours worked by all employees in a year500,000 hours

This table helps in understanding how each component affects the TRIR calculation.

Example of TRIR Calculator OSHA

Consider a manufacturing company with 5 recordable incidents in a year, and a total of 650,000 hours worked. Using the TRIR formula:

TRIR = (5 * 200,000) / 650,000 ≈ 1.54

This indicates that there were approximately 1.54 recordable incidents per 100 full-time employees.

Most Common FAQs

How can businesses reduce their TRIR?

Businesses can reduce their TRIR by implementing rigorous safety programs, conducting regular training, and engaging in continuous monitoring of safety practices.

How often should TRIR be calculate?

It is advisable to calculate TRIR annually to track safety performance and make necessary improvements.

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