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Soccer Field Layout Calculator Online

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Whether you are a soccer coach, a sports complex designer, or just a soccer enthusiast planning your own field, the dimensions of the soccer field are vital. With our new Soccer Field Layout Calculator, you can easily plan the layout of your soccer field.

Definition of Soccer Field Layout Calculator

The Soccer Field Layout Calculator is a digital tool designed to calculate the dimensions of a soccer field, excluding the goal areas. This innovative tool allows users to input the dimensions of the goal area and automatically calculates the length and width of the entire field.

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Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The calculator works based on simple inputs: the goal area’s length and width. Once these values are input, the calculator uses a predefined formula to calculate the length and width of the field. This tool streamlines the process, making it efficient and error-free.

The Formula and Variables

The formula used in our Soccer Field Layout Calculator is straightforward. The Length of the field (L) is calculated as (100 – 2 * Goal Area Length) meters, and the Width of the field (W) is (100 – 2 * Goal Area Width) meters. These formulas help to determine the dimensions of the field excluding the goal areas.

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If the Goal Area Length is 5.5 meters and the Goal Area Width is 18.32 meters, the calculator will compute the Field Length as (100 – 2*5.5) = 89 meters, and the Field Width as (100 – 2*18.32) = 63.36 meters.


Planning a Soccer Field

The calculator proves extremely useful for sports educators, coaches, and enthusiasts planning to create a soccer field. It ensures the field’s dimensions adhere to the standard regulations.

Designing Sports Complex

Architects and designers of sports complexes can utilize this calculator to accurately design soccer fields within their complexes, ensuring optimal use of space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Goal Area Length and Width?

The Goal Area Length and Width are the dimensions of the rectangular area located at each end of the field, in front of the goals. These values usually vary, but standard dimensions are around 5.5 meters for length and 18.32 meters for width.

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Can this calculator be used for other sports fields?

No, this calculator is specifically designed for soccer fields and takes into account the specific dimensions and requirements of a soccer field layout


Our Soccer Field Layout Calculator is a powerful tool for individuals in designing and planning soccer fields. It streamlines the process, ensures accuracy, and saves time, making it an essential tool in your sports planning toolkit.

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