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Lean-to Rafter Calculator Online

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The Lean-to Rafter Calculator is designed to simplify the process of calculating the length of rafters required for constructing a lean-to roof. A lean-to roof, characterized by its single slope, is a popular choice for additions, sheds, and porches. The calculator uses a specific formula to determine the rafter length, ensuring that the structure is both stable and aesthetically pleasing. By inputting the height and width of the lean-to, users can quickly obtain the necessary rafter length without delving into complex calculations.

Formula of Lean-to Rafter Calculator

The formula employed by the Lean-to Rafter Calculator is grounded in basic trigonometry, offering a straightforward approach to calculating rafter length:

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Length of rafter = sqrt((Height)^2 + (Width/2)^2)


  • Height is the vertical height from the bottom of the lean-to to the top (in inches, feet, meters, etc.).
  • Width is the horizontal width of the lean-to (in inches, feet, meters, etc.).

This formula allows for the direct calculation of the rafter length, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the planning phase of construction.

General Terms Table

Width of Lean-to (feet)Height of Lean-to (feet)Calculated Rafter Length (feet)

Example of Lean-to Rafter Calculator

For practical application, consider a lean-to with a width of 10 feet and a height of 5 feet. Using the formula provided:

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Length of rafter = sqrt((5)^2 + (10/2)^2) = sqrt(25 + 25) = sqrt(50) ≈ 7.07 feet

This example illustrates how to use the calculator to determine the length of a rafter for a specific lean-to design, providing a clear and applicable result.

Most Common FAQs

How accurate is the Lean-to Rafter Calculator?

The calculator is highly accurate, utilizing a mathematical formula based on trigonometry. As long as the input measurements are correct, the output will be precise.

What materials can I use for the rafters?

The choice of materials for rafters includes wood, steel, and aluminum, among others. The calculator focuses on determining the length, allowing users to select materials based on preference and structural requirements.

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