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Hattrick Training Calculator Online

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The Hattrick Training Calculator is a valuable resource that helps you determine the expected skill improvement of your players during the training week. It’s a vital tool for Hattrick managers who want to optimize their training strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the game, this calculator can be a game-changer for your team’s development.

Formula of Hattrick Training Calculator

The heart of the Hattrick Training Calculator lies in its formula:

Training Improvement = (Training Intensity / 100) * (Player Skill / Skill Level)

Now, let’s break down the components of this formula:

  • Training Improvement: This represents the amount a player’s skill will improve during the training week.
  • Training Intensity: This parameter signifies the intensity of the training session. Training intensity is typically set in the Hattrick interface and ranges from 100% (maximum intensity) to 0% (no training).
  • Player Skill: This is the current skill level of the player in the skill you are training.
  • Skill Level: Skill level denotes the maximum possible skill level in the particular skill. For primary skills like passing, scoring, defending, and others, the skill level is 20.
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In essence, the Training Improvement is the outcome of the chosen Training Intensity, the player’s current skill level, and the skill level cap.

General Terms and Conversions

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a table of general terms that people commonly search for in relation to Hattrick training. This reference table can be immensely helpful, saving you the time and effort of manual calculations each time you’re planning your training sessions.

Training IntensityThe level of intensity during a training session.
Player SkillThe current skill level of a player.
Skill LevelThe maximum skill level a player can achieve.
Training ImprovementThe expected skill improvement during the training week.

Example of Hattrick Training Calculator

Let’s put the formula into action with a practical example:

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Suppose your player has a skill level of 10, and you’re planning a training session with an intensity of 75%. Using the formula:

Training Improvement = (75 / 100) * (10 / 20) = 0.375

So, your player can expect a skill improvement of 0.375 during the training week.

Most Common FAQs

How do I choose the right Training Intensity for my players?

The Training Intensity should be adjusted based on your player’s age, stamina, and their current skill level. Lower intensity is often suitable for older players or those with low stamina.

Can I use the Training Calculator for secondary skills?

While the Training Calculator is primarily designed for primary skills, you can apply a similar approach for secondary skills. Just remember to use the corresponding skill level cap.

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