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DOTS Calculator Online

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DOTS Calculator

The DOTS Calculator is a specialized tool designed for strength athletes, particularly those who focus on the squat exercise. This calculator allows individuals to evaluate their squat performance in comparison to world records for their respective weight classes. It calculates a score based on the lifter’s lifted weight, bodyweight, and the world record for their weight class.

The Formula

The formula used by the DOTS Calculator to determine your score is as follows:

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Score = (Lifted weight × (Bodyweight / 100)) / World record for weight class

Here are the current squat world records for various weight classes:

Weight ClassWorld Record (kg)
52 kg290
56 kg292.5
60 kg288
67.5 kg290
75 kg327.5
82.5 kg366
90 kg400
100 kg420
110 kg435
125 kg480
140 kg480
140+ kg525

This formula provides a standardized measure of your squat performance, enabling you to track your progress and compare it with the best in your weight class.

Example of DOTS Calculator

Let’s put the DOTS Calculator into action with an example. Imagine you’re a 90 kg weight class powerlifter, and you’ve successfully squatted 360 kg. To calculate your score using the DOTS Calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Input your lifted weight: 360 kg.
  2. Input your bodyweight: 90 kg.
  3. Select your weight class: 90 kg.
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Now, let’s calculate your score using the formula:

Score = (360 kg × (90 kg / 100)) / 400 kg (world record for the 90 kg class) Score = (360 kg × 0.9) / 400 kg Score = 0.324

Your DOTS score is 0.324 m². This indicates how close your squat performance is to the world record in your weight class. The closer your score is to 1, the better you are relative to the record.

Most Common FAQs

1. What is the significance of the DOTS Calculator in strength training?

The DOTS Calculator is a valuable tool for strength athletes as it allows them to objectively assess their squat performance compared to world records in their respective weight classes. This information is crucial for setting goals, tracking progress, and striving for excellence in powerlifting.

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2. Is the DOTS Calculator accurate for all weight classes?

Yes, the Calculator is designed to be accurate for all weight classes. It takes into account the world record specific to your weight class, ensuring a fair and standardized comparison.

3. How can I improve my DOTS score?

To improve your DOTS score, you can focus on both increasing your lifted weight and optimizing your bodyweight for your weight class. This requires consistent training, proper nutrition, and dedication to your strength goals.

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