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Spherical Equivalent Calculator Online

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The Spherical Equivalent Calculator is a handy tool used primarily in optometry and ophthalmology to simplify the prescription of corrective lenses. This tool calculates the spherical equivalent (SE) of a lens prescription, providing a single value that represents the combined effect of the sphere and cylinder powers of the lens.

Formula of Spherical Equivalent Calculator

The formula used in the Spherical Equivalent Calculator is:

SE = sphere + 0.5 * cylinder


  • SE is the spherical equivalent,
  • sphere is the spherical power of the lens, and
  • cylinder is the cylindrical power of the lens.

General Terms Table

Here’s a table of general terms related to lens prescriptions that people commonly search for, which can be helpful for understanding and using the calculator:

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SphereThe overall lens power for nearsightedness or farsightedness.
CylinderThe lens power for astigmatism, correcting irregularities in the cornea or lens.
AxisThe orientation of the cylinder power needed to correct astigmatism.
AddAdditional magnifying power for reading or close work in multifocal lenses.
PD (Pupillary Distance)The distance between the centers of the pupils, crucial for fitting glasses properly.

Example of Spherical Equivalent Calculator

Let’s consider an example to understand how the Spherical Equivalent Calculator works:

Suppose a patient’s prescription includes:

  • Sphere: -2.50
  • Cylinder: -1.00

Using the formula, we calculate the SE as follows:

SE = -2.50 + 0.5 * (-1.00)
SE = -2.50 – 0.50 = -3.00

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So, the spherical equivalent for this prescription is -3.00 diopters.

Most Common FAQs

1. What is the Spherical Calculator used for?

The Spherical Calculator is used to simplify lens prescriptions by providing a single value that represents the combined effect of the sphere and cylinder powers.

2. How accurate is the calculation provided by the Spherical Calculator?

The calculation provided by the Spherical Calculator is highly accurate, as it follows a standardized formula widely accepted in the optometry and ophthalmology fields.

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