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Plate Heat Exchanger Calculator Online

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The Plate Heat Exchanger Calculator is a valuable tool that aids in determining the heat transfer rate (Q) in a Plate Heat Exchanger. This rate is crucial in various industries, ranging from HVAC systems to industrial processes. Here’s a breakdown of the key components in the formula:

Q = U * A * ΔT_lm


  • Q: The heat transfer rate, measured in watts or BTU per hour.
  • U: The overall heat transfer coefficient, expressed in watts per square meter per degree Celsius or BTU per hour per square foot per degree Fahrenheit.
  • A: The effective heat transfer area of the plates, given in square meters or square feet.
  • ΔT_lm: The logarithmic mean temperature difference, typically in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit.

In essence, the calculator assists users in determining the rate at which heat is transferred through the Plate Heat Exchanger, which is vital for designing and optimizing heat exchange systems.

General Terms Table

Here’s a helpful table of general terms that people often search for when dealing with Plate Heat Exchangers:

PHEAbbreviation for Plate Heat Exchanger.
Heat TransferThe process of thermal energy exchange.
U-ValueThe heat transfer coefficient of the exchanger.
Plate ConfigurationThe arrangement of plates in the heat exchanger.
FoulingAccumulation of unwanted deposits on plates.

These terms will provide a quick reference for those working with Plate Heat Exchangers, saving time and effort that would otherwise be spent on calculations.

Example of Plate Heat Exchanger Calculator

To illustrate how the Plate Heat Exchanger Calculator works, let’s consider a practical scenario. Imagine you have a Plate Heat Exchanger with an overall heat transfer coefficient (U) of 250 W/(m²·°C), an effective heat transfer area (A) of 2.5 m², and a logarithmic mean temperature difference (ΔT_lm) of 30°C. Using the formula:

Q = 250 W/(m²·°C) * 2.5 m² * 30°C = 18,750 W or 18.75 kW

In this example, the calculator reveals that the heat transfer rate (Q) is 18.75 kW, which is vital information for designing or assessing the efficiency of the Plate Heat Exchanger.

Most Common FAQs

1. What is the role of the Plate Heat Exchanger Calculator?

The Calculator helps engineers and professionals determine the heat transfer rate in Plate Heat Exchangers, which is essential for designing efficient heat exchange systems.

2. Can the calculator handle different units of measurement?

Yes, the calculator can handle both metric and imperial units, making it versatile for users worldwide.

3. Is this tool suitable for various industries?

Absolutely! Plate Heat Exchangers are utilized in HVAC systems, chemical processes, and more, making this calculator a valuable asset for a wide range of professionals.

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