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Induced EMF Calculator Online

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The Induced EMF (Electromotive Force) Calculator is a tool used to determine the induced electromotive force within a coil or conductor due to a change in magnetic flux over a specific time period. It’s an essential device in physics and electrical engineering, allowing calculation of the voltage generated when there’s a fluctuation in magnetic fields across conductive materials.

Formula for Induced EMF

The formula for calculating Induced EMF is represented as:

EMF = -N * ΔΦ/Δt


  • EMF stands for the induced electromotive force in volts (V).
  • N represents the number of turns in the coil or conductor.
  • ΔΦ signifies the change in magnetic flux through the coil or conductor in webers (Wb).
  • Δt indicates the change in time in seconds (s) over which the change in magnetic flux occurs.
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This formula showcases the direct relationship between the number of turns, change in magnetic flux, and the time frame over which these changes occur, influencing the induced electromotive force.

Induced EMF Calculator and General Terms

General TermDefinition
Magnetic Flux (Φ)The measure of the quantity of magnetic field lines through a surface.
Induced EMFVoltage generated across a conductor due to a change in magnetic flux.
Turns (N)Number of loops or coils in a conductor or coil.
Time (Δt)Duration of the change in magnetic flux.


Suppose a coil with 100 turns experiences a change in magnetic flux from 10 Wb to 20 Wb over 5 seconds. Using the formula EMF = -N * ΔΦ/Δt, the induced EMF can be calculated:

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EMF = -100 * ((20 – 10) / 5) = -100 * (10 / 5) = -100 * 2 = -200 V

This example demonstrates how to apply the Induced EMF formula to calculate the voltage induced in a coil due to a change in magnetic flux over a specified time.

Most Common FAQs

Q: What is the significance of induced EMF in practical applications?

A: Induced EMF is crucial in power generation, transformers, electric motors, and various sensor technologies. It’s fundamental in understanding electromagnetic phenomena and designing electrical devices.

Q: How does the number of turns affect induced EMF?

A: More turns generally result in higher induced EMF as the magnetic flux passing through increases, leading to a greater voltage induced.

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