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View Factor Calculator Online

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In the world of heat transfer, understanding the interaction between surfaces is crucial. This interaction is quantified through a concept called the view factor, a dimensionless number representing the fraction of radiation leaving one surface that strikes another. To make these calculations easier, we’ve developed a handy tool called the View Factor Calculator.


The View Factor Calculator is an online tool that calculates the view factor between two surfaces based on their area, the angle between them, and their distance apart. This calculator is primarily used in thermal engineering for heat transfer calculations involving radiation between surfaces.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

Our calculator employs a mathematical formula to find the view factor. When provided with the necessary input values (surface area, angle, and distance), it carries out the calculations and gives you the view factor instantly. As this tool calculates view factors for simple geometries, it eliminates the need for complex numerical methods and software tools, simplifying the process for you.

View Factor Formula and Variables Description

The formula our calculator uses is as follows:

F_AB = (A_A * cos θ_A) / (π * r_AB^2)

Here, F_AB is the view factor from surface A to surface B, A_A is the area of surface A, θ_A is the angle between the normal vector of surface A and the line connecting the centroids of surfaces A and B, and r_AB is the distance between the centroids of surfaces A and B. This formula only holds true for simple geometries.

Practical Example

For instance, consider two parallel surfaces A and B, with A_A = 2 m^2, θ_A = 0 degrees (meaning they are parallel), and r_AB = 1 m. Inputting these values into our calculator, we find that the view factor F_AB is approximately 0.637.

Applications of the View Factor Calculator

In Engineering

The calculator finds substantial use in thermal engineering, especially for HVAC system designs, where understanding heat transfer between surfaces is vital.

In Architecture

Architects use this tool for efficient design of buildings by estimating the heat transfer via radiation between different surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a view factor?

The view factor, also known as the shape factor or radiation exchange factor, is a dimensionless number that signifies the fraction of radiation leaving one surface that impacts another surface.

How does the view factor calculator work?

Our calculator utilizes a mathematical formula to compute the view factor. You input the necessary values (surface area, angle, and distance), and the tool calculates the view factor for you.


Understanding view factors is essential in fields like engineering and architecture, where heat transfer plays a critical role. With our View Factor Calculator, we aim to simplify these calculations, making them accessible and straightforward for everyone.

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