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Teejet Orifice Plate Calculator Online

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The world of irrigation and spray application requires precise calculations to ensure effective operations. Among the many calculations, figuring out the flow rate through an orifice plate is of immense importance. To facilitate these calculations, we introduce the TeeJet Orifice Plate Calculator—a handy tool to ensure accuracy and efficiency.


A TeeJet Orifice Plate, an integral component of spray nozzles, regulates the flow of fluid based on its diameter and the pressure drop across it. Flow rate calculation, therefore, is the method used to determine the rate at which fluid passes through this orifice.

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Calculator’s Working

The TeeJet Orifice Plate Calculator simplifies the complex calculation of flow rate. By entering the orifice diameter and the pressure drop, the calculator swiftly determines the flow rate. It uses a mathematical formula incorporating these variables and a specific flow coefficient associated with the orifice plate design.

Formula Explanation

The formula used by this calculator is: Flow Rate (GPM) = (Coefficient * Orifice Diameter^2 * Square Root(Pressure Drop)) / 1.131. The flow rate is given in Gallons Per Minute (GPM), the orifice diameter is in inches, and the pressure drop is in pounds per square inch (psi). The coefficient is specific to the orifice plate design, which usually comes from the manufacturer.

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Let’s say we have an orifice diameter of 0.2 inches and a pressure drop of 15 psi. Using the calculator, we input these values and it instantly computes the flow rate for us, making the process fast and error-free.


Irrigation Industry

The calculator is widely used in the irrigation industry, where it helps in determining the appropriate spray nozzle and orifice plate to achieve the desired flow rate.

Other Applications

It also finds its usefulness in industries like firefighting, where accurate water flow rates are critical.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The TeeJet Orifice Plate Calculator is a valuable tool, simplifying an otherwise complex calculation and ensuring accurate results. Regardless of the industry, it optimizes operations and contributes to the overall efficiency.

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