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Servo Motor Power Calculator Online

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Power Required: Watts

A servo motor power calculator is a tool designed to determine the power requirement of a servo motor based on specific input parameters. This calculation helps engineers and enthusiasts select the right motor for their applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

The formula used in the servo motor power calculator is:

P = (T * ω) / η


  • P is the power required (in watts).
  • T is the torque requirement (in Newton-meters, Nm).
  • ω is the angular velocity (in radians per second, rad/s).
  • η is the motor efficiency (usually expressed as a decimal).
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Now, let’s break down each component of this formula:

  • Torque (T): This represents the rotational force required to move the load. The higher the torque, the more powerful the motor needs to be.
  • Angular Velocity (ω): This parameter denotes how fast the motor must rotate to meet the application’s demands. It’s crucial to match the motor’s speed to the requirements of the task.
  • Motor Efficiency (η): Efficiency represents how well the motor converts input power into mechanical work. A higher efficiency indicates less energy wasted as heat.

General Terms Table

Torque (T)Rotational force required to move the load
Angular VelocityRotational speed needed for the application
Motor EfficiencyHow efficiently the motor converts power to work

Example of Servo Motor Power Calculator

To better understand how the servo motor power calculator works, let’s consider an example:

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Suppose you are working on a robotics project, and you know that the required torque (T) is 5 Nm, the angular velocity (ω) is 50 rad/s, and the motor efficiency (η) is 0.85. To find the power (P) required for this application, you can use the formula:

P = (5 Nm * 50 rad/s) / 0.85 ≈ 294.12 watts

So, you would need a servo motor with a power rating of approximately 294.12 watts to meet the demands of your project.

Most Common FAQs

How do I determine the torque requirement for my application?

The torque requirement depends on the mechanical load and the desired acceleration. You may need to consult with a mechanical engineer or use specific load calculations to determine the required torque.

What if I don’t know the motor efficiency?

It’s ideal to know the motor efficiency, as it directly impacts power consumption. However, you can estimate it based on the motor’s specifications or manufacturer data. A typical value for servo motors is around 85-95%.

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