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How To Calculate Cam Lift With 1.7 Rockers Online

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Navigating the world of car tuning can be complex, especially when it comes to understanding cam lift and how it impacts engine performance. Today, we’re unveiling a simple yet powerful tool: the Cam Lift Calculator with 1.7 Rockers, designed to streamline your tuning process.


The Cam Lift Calculator with 1.7 Rockers is a specific tool that calculates the lift of the camshaft lobe. It uses the rocker ratio and valve lift to determine this measurement, essential for assessing engine performance and ideal for car enthusiasts and mechanics.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The calculator’s operation is straightforward. It employs the formula: Cam Lift = Rocker Ratio * Valve Lift. With a fixed rocker ratio of 1.7, the calculator multiplies this by the valve lift input by the user. The resulting value gives the cam lift, crucial for tuning your engine for optimal performance.

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Formula and Variable Description

In the formula: Cam Lift = 1.7 * Valve Lift, Cam Lift represents the lift of the camshaft lobe, while Valve Lift signifies the valve lift measured at the valve stem. The number 1.7 is the rocker ratio—specifically, the ratio of the rocker arm length to the pushrod length.


Consider a scenario where the valve lift is 0.5 inches. Using the calculator, the Cam Lift = 1.7 * 0.5, resulting in a cam lift of 0.85 inches.


Engine Tuning

Understanding cam lift can help in tuning the engine for optimal power and fuel efficiency.

Performance Enhancement

In performance cars, accurate cam lift calculations can lead to improvements in engine speed and overall vehicle performance.

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Why is cam lift important?

Cam lift is critical for valve timing in an engine, which can impact power output, fuel efficiency, and overall engine performance.

What is the role of the rocker ratio?

The rocker ratio influences how much the camshaft’s rotation lifts the valves. A higher ratio can result in increased valve lift, affecting engine performance.


The Cam Lift Calculator with 1.7 Rockers offers an invaluable resource for car enthusiasts and mechanics alike. By accurately calculating cam lift, users can tune their engines for optimal performance and fuel efficiency. Explore its use today and see the difference it makes in your tuning tasks.

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