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Heat Strip Size Calculator Online

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In the world of HVAC systems, correctly estimating the size of the heating elements is critical for optimizing comfort and energy consumption. This is where our Heat Strip Size Calculator comes into play.

Definition of Heat Strips

Heat strips, also known as heating elements, are integral components of a heating system, which produce heat by converting electric current into thermal energy. The size of the heat strip significantly influences the system’s overall heating efficiency and capacity.

How Does a Heat Strip Size Calculator Work?

The Heat Strip Size Calculator simplifies the process of determining the right size of heat strips for a space. It uses the area of the space and the required heat load per square foot to calculate the suitable heat strip size. This efficient tool helps in achieving the desired temperature by optimizing the heat distribution.

The Formula

The calculator uses the following formula:

Heat Strip Size (in kW or BTU/hr) = Area (in sq ft) × Required Heat Load (in kW or BTU/hr per sq ft)

Here, the “Area” refers to the total square footage of the space to be heated, while the “Required Heat Load” is the desired heat level per square foot needed to achieve the desired temperature.

Example of Heat Strip Size Calculation

For instance, if you have a room of 200 square feet that requires a heat load of 10 BTU/hr per square foot, the calculator will use the formula to give a heat strip size of 2000 BTU/hr.


  • Home Heating: The calculator is beneficial for homeowners planning to install a heating system.
  • HVAC Professionals: It’s a vital tool for HVAC professionals to design efficient heating systems.
  • Energy Efficiency: It helps in energy management by optimizing the heating system size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a heat strip?

A heat strip is an electric heating element in HVAC systems that converts electric current into heat

Why is the size of the heat strip important?

The size of the heat strip significantly impacts the heating system’s efficiency and capacity. An incorrect size may lead to insufficient heating or excessive energy consumption


The Heat Strip Size Calculator plays a crucial role in HVAC system planning and energy management. By accurately determining the size of heat strips required, it ensures optimal heating and efficiency. Remember, the right size means comfortable spaces and energy savings.

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