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CNC Radius Calculator Online

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In the world of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, precision is paramount. An essential tool that enables this accuracy is the CNC radius calculator, offering flawless measurements to craft perfect circles. This tool significantly contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of CNC operations.


A CNC radius calculator is a sophisticated digital tool designed to calculate the radius of a circle in a CNC operation. It determines the radius based on three distinct points located on the circle’s circumference. By reducing the chances of manual error, it increases the accuracy and consistency of CNC operations.

How the CNC Radius Calculator Works

The CNC radius calculator utilizes a geometric approach, accepting the coordinates of three distinct points on the circumference of a circle. Through a series of computations involving distances and perpendicular bisectors, it determines the circle’s center. The distance between the center and any of the three points yields the circle’s radius.

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CNC Radius Calculation Formula

The CNC radius calculation process involves multiple steps, each step using a specific formula:

  1. Calculate the distances between the three points A(x1, y1), B(x2, y2), and C(x3, y3):AB = sqrt((x2 – x1)² + (y2 – y1)²) BC = sqrt((x3 – x2)² + (y3 – y2)²) AC = sqrt((x3 – x1)² + (y3 – y1)²)
  2. Find the midpoint of AB and BC, then calculate the slope of AB and BC, and their perpendicular slopes.
  3. Find the equations of the perpendicular bisectors of AB and BC.
  4. Solve the system of equations to find the center of the circle (x, y).
  5. Calculate the radius as the distance from the center to any of the three points.
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Assume three points on a circle are A(2, 3), B(5, 7), and C(8, 6). Using the formulas above, you can calculate the radius of this circle.


  • Precision in Manufacturing: The calculator ensures accurate circle measurements, essential for CNC machining operations.
  • Efficiency in Production: By automating complex calculations, this calculator enhances operational efficiency.
  • Quality Control: Precise measurements ensure the production of high-quality CNC machined parts.

Common FAQs

Can the CNC radius calculator be used for non-CNC applications?

Absolutely. While designed for CNC operations, the calculator can assist in any scenario that requires accurate circle radius measurements.


To conclude, a CNC radius calculator is a game-changer in the realm of CNC operations, eliminating manual errors and streamlining the process of radius calculation. This tool, falling under the ‘Machining and Engineering Tools’ category, is crucial for ensuring precision, efficiency, and quality control in CNC machining. Whether you’re a CNC professional or an enthusiast, the calculator is a must-have tool for your toolbox.

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