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Wooden Flag Dimension Calculator Online

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The Wooden Flag Dimension Calculator helps you determine the correct dimensions for a wooden flag based on its length. By using this calculator, you can easily find the width, the dimensions of the union (blue field), and the height of the stripes. This simplifies the process and ensures that all parts of the flag are correctly proportioned.

Formula of Wooden Flag Dimension Calculator

To calculate the dimensions of a wooden flag, you can use the following formulas based on typical flag proportions. Assume the flag is rectangular, with the length being the longer side and the width being the shorter side.

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Width Calculation: Width = Length / 1.9

Union (Blue Field) Dimensions: Union Height = Width / 1.66 Union Width = Length / 2.5

Stripe Dimensions: Stripe Height = Width / 13 Number of Stripes = 13

Pre-Calculated Dimensions Table

To make it easier for you, here is a table with general terms and pre-calculated dimensions. You can use this table to quickly find the dimensions without having to calculate each time.

Flag LengthFlag WidthUnion HeightUnion WidthStripe Height
190 cm100 cm60.24 cm76 cm7.69 cm
95 cm50 cm30.12 cm38 cm3.84 cm
57 cm30 cm18.07 cm22.8 cm2.30 cm

Example of Wooden Flag Dimension Calculator

Let's say you want to create a wooden flag with a length of 190 cm. Using the formulas:

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Width = 190 cm / 1.9 = 100 cm

Union Height = 100 cm / 1.66 = 60.24 cm Union Width = 190 cm / 2.5 = 76 cm

Stripe Height = 100 cm / 13 = 7.69 cm

Therefore, for a flag length of 190 cm, the width will be 100 cm, the union height will be 60.24 cm, the union width will be 76 cm, and each stripe height will be 7.69 cm.

Most Common FAQs

1. Why do we divide the length by 1.9 to get the width?

This is based on the standard proportions of flags, where the length to width ratio is typically 1.9 to 1.

3. What if my flag has a different ratio?

The formulas provided are for a standard flag ratio. If your flag has different proportions, you will need to adjust the formulas accordingly.

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