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Triangle Angle-Sum Theorem Calculator Online

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The Triangle Angle-Sum Theorem Calculator is a specialized tool designed to calculate the missing angle of a triangle when the other two angles are known. This simplifies the process of solving geometric problems by providing quick and accurate results. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or geometry enthusiast, this calculator can significantly reduce the time and effort required to solve triangle-related problems.

Formula of Triangle Angle-Sum Theorem Calculator

Missing angle (degrees):

missing angle = 180° - angle 1 - angle 2

Missing angle (radians):

missing angle = π - angle 1 - angle 2


  • angle 1 and angle 2 are the known angles in the triangle (in degrees or radians).

Table of General Terms and Conversions

Common Angle SumsDegreesRadians
Right Triangle90°π/2
Equilateral Triangle60°π/3
Sum of Angles in a Triangle180°π

Conversion Factors

Degrees to RadiansMultiply by (π/180)
Radians to DegreesMultiply by (180/π)

Example of Triangle Angle-Sum Theorem Calculator

Let’s consider a triangle where two angles are known: 45 degrees and 60 degrees. By inputting these values into our calculator using the provided formula, we can quickly find that the missing angle is 75 degrees. This example demonstrates the simplicity and efficiency of using the Calculator for solving geometric problems.

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Most Common FAQs

Q1: Can the calculator work with angles in radians?

Yes, the calculator is designed to work with both degrees and radians. Simply input your known angles in the preferred unit, and it will calculate the missing angle accordingly.

Q2: Is this calculator useful for all types of triangles?

Absolutely! Regardless of whether you’re dealing with an equilateral, isosceles, or scalene triangle, as long as you know two of the angles, this calculator can determine the third.

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