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Exterior Angles Triangle Calculator Online

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The Exterior Angles Triangle Calculator is a valuable tool used to determine the measure of exterior angles in a triangle. It simplifies the process of calculating exterior angles by providing a straightforward method based on the known interior angles of the triangle.

Formula of Exterior Angles Triangle Calculator

The formula used in the Exterior Angles Triangle Calculator is:

Exterior Angle = 180° - Interior Angle


  • Exterior Angle is the measure of the angle formed when extending one side of the triangle outward.
  • Interior Angle is the measure of one of the interior angles of the triangle.
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This formula is derived from the fact that the sum of the interior and exterior angles of a triangle is always 180 degrees. By subtracting the interior angle from 180 degrees, we obtain the measure of the corresponding exterior angle.

General Terms Table

Here’s a helpful table of general terms related to triangles that people often search for:

TriangleA polygon with three sides and three angles.
Interior AngleAn angle formed inside a triangle by two adjacent sides.
Exterior AngleAn angle formed outside a triangle by extending one of its sides.

This table provides a quick reference for those seeking to understand basic triangle terminology.

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Example of Exterior Angles Triangle Calculator

Let’s consider an example to illustrate how the Exterior Angles Triangle Calculator works:

Suppose we have a triangle with an interior angle of 60 degrees. Using the formula mentioned earlier, we can calculate the corresponding exterior angle:

Exterior Angle = 180° - 60° = 120°

Therefore, the exterior angle of the triangle is 120 degrees.

Most Common FAQs

Q: How do I use the Exterior Angles Triangle Calculator?

A: Simply input the measure of the interior angle of the triangle into the calculator, and it will automatically compute the corresponding exterior angle for you.

Q: Why are exterior angles important in geometry?
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A: Exterior angles play a crucial role in various geometric principles, such as the exterior angle theorem, which states that the measure of an exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of the measures of its two remote interior angles. Understanding exterior angles helps in solving geometric problems and proofs.

Q: Can exterior angles be greater than 180 degrees?

A: No, by definition, an exterior angle cannot be greater than 180 degrees. An exterior angle is formed by extending one side of a triangle outward, and its measure is always less than 180 degrees.

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