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Secret Crush Calculator Online

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Navigating the realm of affection and attraction can be both fun and mysterious. Throughout time, humans have developed numerous ways to decipher one's feelings for another, with one popular method being the secret crush calculator. By employing a simple alphabetic formula, this calculator provides individuals with an entertaining way to deduce their compatibility percentage with their crush. This article elucidates the inner workings and potential applications of the calculator, offering a detailed, comprehensive, and reliable guide on the subject.


The secret crush calculator is a whimsical tool that numerically represents the potential compatibility between two individuals based on their names. Falling under the category of fun and playful calculators, its primary purpose is entertainment rather than providing serious relationship advice. Still, it has gained popularity due to its simplicity and the curiosity it evokes in users.

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Detailed Explanations of the Calculator's Working

The underlying principle of the calculator is straightforward: it converts the alphabets in names to numerical values, aggregates them, and then expresses the resulting sum as a percentage, signifying the crush score. The larger the percentage, the stronger the supposed bond, at least according to the playful logic of the calculator.

Formula of Secret Crush Calculator

To comprehend the calculator's functionality, one must understand its formula. By assigning each letter in the English alphabet a progressive numerical value (A=1, B=2, C=3...Z=26), we can determine a total score for any given name. This process involves:

  1. Determining the numerical value for each letter in the name.
  2. Summing these values for the entire name.
  3. Repeating this process for another person's name.
  4. Combining the two totals.
  5. Taking the remainder when dividing this combined sum by 100.
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This resultant value symbolizes the "crush percentage."

Example of Secret Crush Calculator

Let's illustrate this using two names:

Person A: Alice Numerical value: A(1) + L(12) + I(9) + C(3) + E(5) = 30

Person B: Bob Numerical value: B(2) + O(15) + B(2) = 19

Combined values: 30 + 19 = 49

Crush percentage: 49% (because 49 divided by 100 leaves a remainder of 49)

Applications of Secret Crush Calculator

The secret crush calculator, while primarily for amusement, has been incorporated in various scenarios.

Ice Breakers

Many have used the tool during social events or parties as a lighthearted way to initiate conversations and build connections.

Relationship Games

Couples or groups of friends might utilize the calculator as part of a game night, comparing results and sharing laughs over the outcomes.

Online Platforms

Some dating or social websites offer the crush calculator as a playful feature for users to enjoy and share with others.

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Most Common FAQs

1. Is the crush calculator scientifically accurate?

No, the calculator is designed purely for entertainment. Its results are based on alphabetic numerology rather than any scientific or psychological principles.

2. Can I use the crush calculator to determine my actual compatibility with someone?

While the results might be fun to ponder, they shouldn't be taken as a genuine measure of compatibility. Real relationships are built on mutual respect, understanding, and shared experiences.


The secret crush calculator, though a source of amusement, encapsulates the age-old human desire to understand relationships and attraction. While it shouldn't dictate one's romantic choices, it serves as a testament to our innate curiosity about love and connection. Whether you’re introducing it at a party or using it for a momentary escape online, remember its playful nature and always approach relationships with genuine intent and understanding.

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