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STFC Scrap Calculator Online

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Scrap metal trade is a prevalent industry worldwide. Many businesses and individuals are continually on the lookout for tools that can make the trade process easier and more precise. One such tool is the STFC Scrap Calculator, a digital application designed to calculate the scrap value of motor vehicles accurately.


The STFC (Scrap Trading Financial Calculator) Scrap Calculator is an innovative tool primarily used to estimate the scrap value of motor vehicles. This online calculator utilizes the vehicle's weight and the current price per ton of scrap metal to provide an accurate scrap value.

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Working on the STFC Scrap Calculator

The calculator is quite straightforward to use. You input the vehicle's weight in tons and the current price per ton of scrap metal. Click on the calculate button, and the calculator will give you the estimated scrap value of the vehicle based on the input values.


The formula for calculating the scrap value is simple yet effective:

Scrap Value = (Weight of Vehicle in Tons) × (Price per Ton of Scrap Metal)

Here, two variables are considered - the weight of the vehicle in tons and the price per ton of scrap metal. This simplicity makes the STFC Scrap Calculator an easy-to-use tool for anyone involved in the scrap trade business.

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For instance, suppose you have a vehicle weighing 2 tons, and the current price per ton of scrap metal is $150. By inputting these values into the Calculator, you can easily calculate the vehicle's scrap value, which in this case would be $300.


Individual Traders

Many individual traders use this calculator to determine the best selling or buying price for their vehicle scraps.

Scrap Metal Companies

Major scrap metal companies can use this tool to quickly estimate the scrap value of vehicles, helping them set competitive prices.

Most Common FAQs

Is the STFC Scrap Calculator free to use?

Yes, the STFC Scrap Calculator is free to use. It is an online tool aimed at making the scrap trade business more convenient and efficient.


The Calculator is a revolutionary tool in the scrap trade business. Its simplicity, combined with its accuracy, makes it a valuable resource for traders and companies alike. Proper input values can help determine the most accurate and competitive scrap prices in the market.

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