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Steam Generator Size Calculator Online

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A steam generator is a piece of equipment for producing steam by boiling water. This steam is used for various purposes like electricity generation, heating, and powering engines. When it comes to ensuring efficiency and effectiveness, the size of the steam generator plays a significant role. Through this article, we will explore a tool called the Steam Generator Size Calculator, which helps determine the perfect size for your steam generator based on various parameters.


The Steam Generator Size Calculator is a digital or computational tool that enables individuals and businesses to accurately calculate the size of a steam generator that they need. The size here refers to the capacity of the steam generator, which is generally measured in pounds per hour (lb/hr) or kilograms per hour (kg/hr). This is crucial for ensuring that the steam generator can meet the specific demands of its application while operating efficiently.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The Steam Generator Size Calculator considers three critical variables: Steam Demand, Specific Enthalpy, and Boiler Efficiency. Steam Demand is the amount of steam your application requires, measured in lb/hr or kg/hr. Specific Enthalpy is the heat content of the steam and is usually provided by the equipment manufacturer. Boiler Efficiency is a percentage that reflects how efficiently the steam generator converts heat energy into steam. The calculator utilizes these three inputs to determine the steam generator’s optimal capacity to satisfy the steam demand while maintaining high efficiency.

Formula and Variable Description

The formula used by the Steam Generator Size Calculator is as follows:

Steam Generator Capacity (lb/hr or kg/hr) = Steam Demand (lb/hr or kg/hr) / (Boiler Efficiency × Specific Enthalpy)

Generator Capacity: This is the calculator’s output and represents the steam generator’s optimal size.

Demand: Represents the amount of steam needed by your application. Measured in lb/hr or kg/hr.

Specific Enthalpy: The heat content in the steam required for the application.

Boiler Efficiency: The efficiency of the steam generator. It is a percentage indicating the portion of heat energy converted to steam.


Let’s assume we have an application that requires 2000 lb/hr of steam. The specific enthalpy needed is 1200, and the steam generator has an efficiency of 80%. Plugging these values into the formula:

Steam Generator Capacity = 2000 / (0.8 × 1200) = 2.083 lb/hr

This means that a steam generator with a capacity of approximately 2.083 lb/hr is needed to meet the steam demand efficiently.


Industrial Processes

Many industrial processes require steam for heating purposes. It has applications in the food, chemical, and textile industries.

Power Generation

Steam generators are crucial in power plants, where they turn turbines for electricity generation.

Heating Systems

In buildings and facilities, steam generators serve as a central source for heating systems, ensuring a constant heat supply.

Most Common FAQs

How is steam generator size related to efficiency?

The size of a steam generator is directly proportional to its efficiency. A steam generator that is too small won’t be able to meet steam demand, leading to inefficiency and possible equipment failure. Conversely, an oversized steam generator wastes energy by producing more steam than needed. Hence, calculating the right size using a Steam Generator Size Calculator is vital to ensure optimal efficiency.

Can the Steam Generator Size Calculator be used for all types of steam generators?

Yes, the Steam Generator Size Calculator is a versatile tool that can be used for various types of steam generators, as long as you know the steam demand, specific enthalpy, and boiler efficiency of the unit.


Steam generation is a critical component in many industries and applications. Having the right steam generator size not only ensures the proper functioning of various systems and processes but also results in energy and cost savings. With the Steam Generator Size Calculator, determining the right steam generator capacity becomes simple, contributing to more efficient and sustainable operations.

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