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Miter Angle Calculator Online

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The Miter Angle Calculator is ingeniously designed to instantly provide the precise miter angle needed for cutting based on the intersection angle of two surfaces. This tool is particularly useful in projects involving complex angles and intricate designs, such as in crown molding, framing, and cabinetry. By simply entering the angle at which two boards meet, the calculator offers the exact miter angle for the saw setting, thereby eliminating trial and error and reducing material waste.

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Formula of Miter Angle Calculator

To calculate the miter angle, you can use the following simple formula:

Miter Angle


  • M is the miter angle.
  • θ is the angle between the two intersecting surfaces.

This formula is pivotal in ensuring that your cuts are not only accurate but also fit perfectly, enhancing the overall durability and appearance of the finished project.

Table of Common Miter Angles

For convenience, below is a table of commonly used miter angles in various carpentry projects:

Total Angle (θ)Miter Angle (M)

This table allows carpenters and DIY enthusiasts to quickly reference and apply standard angles without manual calculations.

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Example of Miter Angle Calculator

Consider you are framing a piece of artwork that requires a frame angle of 120°. Using our formula: M = (120 / 2) = 60° You would set your miter saw to 60° to achieve the perfect miter cut for your frame.

Most Common FAQs

Q1: Can I use the Miter Calculator for angles not listed in the table?

A1: Absolutely! The calculator is design to handle any angle, providing you with the correct miter setting for your specific needs.

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