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Loss On Drying Calculator Online

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Moisture content can significantly impact the quality, safety, and shelf life of a product. This makes it crucial for industries to accurately determine moisture content during production. One essential tool for this is the Loss on Drying (LOD) Calculator.


The Loss on Drying Calculator is an online tool used to compute the percentage of moisture lost during the drying process. It uses the initial weight (wet weight) and the weight after drying (dry weight) to measure moisture content.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator's Working

The LOD Calculator works on a simple principle. First, the sample's initial weight is recorded. This substance is then subjected to a drying process under specific conditions. Once a constant weight is reached, it is weighed again. The difference between the initial and final weight indicates the amount of moisture lost, which the calculator then presents as a percentage.

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Loss on Drying Formula and Variable Descriptions

The LOD Calculator uses the following formula:

LOD (%) = [(Wet weight - Dry weight) / Wet weight] x 100

Here, the Wet weight is the initial weight of the sample before drying, and the Dry weight is the weight of the sample after drying.

Practical Example of Using the Loss on Drying Calculator

Let's consider a pharmaceutical company that wants to measure the moisture content in its product. The initial weight (Wet weight) of the product is 200 grams. After drying, the weight (Dry weight) is 185 grams. By inputting these values into the LOD Calculator, it will compute that the moisture content is 7.5%.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, the LOD Calculator is used to ensure product stability and effectiveness by controlling moisture content.

Food and Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, the LOD Calculator aids in preserving the quality and extending the shelf life of products by accurately measuring their moisture content.

Cosmetic Industry

In the cosmetic industry, the LOD Calculator helps ensure product safety and longevity by monitoring moisture levels during the production process.

Most Common FAQs

Can the Loss on Drying Calculator be used for any type of substance?

Yes, the LOD Calculator can be used for any substance that loses weight upon drying, making it versatile for multiple applications across various industries.


Understanding and using the Loss on Drying Calculator can significantly contribute to product quality, safety, and longevity. By providing an accurate measurement of moisture content, it aids in maintaining stringent industry standards and achieving optimal results in production processes.

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