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Injection Molding Tonnage Calculator Online

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In the field of manufacturing, particularly in the plastic industry, the Injection Molding Tonnage Calculator is a vital tool. It helps to estimate the clamping force required in the injection molding machine to keep the mold closed against the pressure of the plastic being injected.


The calculation for the tonnage required in injection molding is a straightforward formula:

Tonnage = Projected Area (in square inches) x Injection Pressure (in PSI) / 2000


  • The Projected Area refers to the largest one-side surface area of the part being molded, including the area of any runners or sprues.
  • The Injection Pressure is the pressure at which the material is injected into the mold.
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The resulting tonnage is displayed in tons, which is a measure of the force applied.


The Injection Molding Tonnage Calculator is simple to operate. First, the user inputs the projected area and the injection pressure. These inputs are necessary for the calculation and should be greater than zero for the calculator to function correctly.

After the user provides the inputs, they can press the ‘Calculate’ button. The JavaScript function retrieves the input values, performs the calculation, and then displays the calculated tonnage in the output field.

If the user wishes to reset the calculator, they can simply press the ‘Reset’ button. This clears all the input fields and the output field, allowing for a new calculation to be made.

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Let’s say the projected area of a part is 25 square inches, and the injection pressure is 15000 PSI.

Using the formula, the tonnage is:

Tonnage = (25 x 15000) / 2000 = 187.5 tons

This suggests that a clamping force of 187.5 tons is required to keep the mold closed during the injection process.


The Injection Molding Tonnage Calculator is an incredibly useful tool for manufacturers, particularly in the plastics industry. It not only simplifies calculations but also ensures precision and efficiency in determining the clamping force necessary for the molding process. By understanding the calculator’s workings, users can better anticipate their machinery needs, making the manufacturing process more efficient and effective.

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