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Indirect Water Heater Sizing Calculator Online

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The Indirect Water Heater Sizing Calculator is an essential tool in home and commercial building systems.


An Indirect Water Heater Sizing Calculator is a specialized tool designed to calculate the appropriate size of an indirect water heater. It works based on total hot water demand and the recovery rate of the system.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator's Working

The calculator functions on a straightforward principle. It requires two vital parameters: the total hot water demand (in GPH or LPH), and the recovery rate. With these, it can calculate the required storage capacity for the indirect water heater, ensuring optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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The Formula

The formula is a simple division operation: Storage Capacity (in gallons or liters) = Total Hot Water Demand (GPH or LPH) / Recovery Rate (GPH or LPH).

The Total Hot Water Demand is the sum of hot water needed per hour, while the Recovery Rate indicates the capacity of the heater to replenish hot water in a given time.


Assume a household requires a total hot water demand of 1000 GPH, and the heater has a recovery rate of 50 GPH. The required storage capacity would be 1000/50 = 20 gallons.


  1. Residential Use: This calculator is indispensable in residential settings to maintain the efficiency of the water heating system.
  2. Commercial Use: Commercial buildings can also significantly benefit from this tool, particularly in areas requiring high hot water demand.
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Why is it important to correctly size an indirect water heater?

Correctly sizing your indirect water heater ensures it operates at peak efficiency, thereby reducing energy costs and providing sufficient hot water supply.

How do I calculate Total Hot Water Demand?

Total Hot Water Demand can be estimated based on the number of occupants, fixtures, and appliances that require hot water in your household or building.

What is a Recovery Rate?

Recovery Rate is the capacity of an indirect water heater to replenish the hot water supply in a specific time frame.


The Indirect Water Heater Sizing Calculator is a key tool for any homeowner or building manager. It ensures that your water heater is sized correctly to provide an efficient, cost-effective supply of hot water to meet your specific needs. By understanding how it works, you can make informed decisions about your water heating system and ensure its maximum efficiency.

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