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Contrast Nephropathy Calculator Online

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The Contrast Nephropathy Calculator is a tool designed to assess the risk of contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) in patients undergoing procedures involving contrast media. It calculates the Mehran Risk Score, which helps in estimating the likelihood of developing CIN based on specific parameters.

Formula of Contrast Nephropathy Calculator

The Mehran Risk Score is computed using the following formula:

Mehran Risk Score = [Serum Creatinine (mg/dL) / Baseline Creatinine (mg/dL)] + 0.3 * [Age (years) - 75] + 0.1 * [Contrast Volume (mL) / Baseline GFR (mL/min/1.73 m²)] + 0.06 * (Serum Urea Nitrogen (mg/dL) / Baseline GFR (mL/min/1.73 m²))

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  • Serum Creatinine: Post-procedure serum creatinine level.
  • Baseline Creatinine: Baseline (pre-procedure) serum creatinine level.
  • Age: Age of the patient in years.
  • Contrast Volume: The volume of contrast media used during the procedure in milliliters (mL).
  • Baseline GFR: Baseline (pre-procedure) glomerular filtration rate in mL/min/1.73 m².
  • Serum Urea Nitrogen: Post-procedure serum urea nitrogen level.

Upon calculating the Mehran Risk Score, the estimated risk of CIN can be interpreted as:

  • Low Risk: Score < 5
  • Moderate Risk: Score between 5 to 10
  • High Risk: Score > 10

General Terms Table or Additional Information

Here's a table listing general terms or additional information that might assist users in understanding the concepts related to contrast-induced nephropathy and its risk assessment:

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Glomerular Filtration RateMeasure of kidney function
Serum CreatinineWaste product in the blood
Contrast MediaSubstances used in imaging procedures
Serum Urea NitrogenByproduct of protein metabolism in the liver

Example of Contrast Nephropathy Calculator

Let's consider a scenario where a patient, aged 70, undergoes a procedure utilizing 100 mL of contrast media. Their post-procedure serum creatinine is 1.2 mg/dL, baseline creatinine is 1.0 mg/dL, baseline GFR is 80 mL/min/1.73 m², and serum urea nitrogen is 20 mg/dL. By applying these values to the formula, the Mehran Risk Score can be calculated to estimate the risk level.

Most Common FAQs

2. How Can I Minimize the Risk of Contrast Nephropathy?

To reduce the risk, stay hydrated, discuss alternatives with your healthcare provider, and ensure proper kidney function evaluation before procedures.

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