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Calories Burned Playing Tennis Calculator

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Tennis is a high-intensity sport that engages various muscle groups, making it an ideal activity for burning calories. This guide will help you understand and use the Calories Burned Playing Tennis Calculator effectively, a tool that provides personalized data based on your body weight and the duration of your game.


The Calories Burned Playing Tennis Calculator is a simple computational tool that calculates the estimated number of calories burned during a tennis match. It uses a mathematical formula incorporating your total body weight and the duration of your tennis game to provide a customized assessment of your calorie expenditure.

How the Calculator Works

This calculator uses a formula that takes into account two factors: your total tennis time (TT) in minutes and your body weight (BW) in pounds.

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First, divide the TT by 60 to convert it into hours. Then, multiply this converted value by a fixed number of 650. This number represents the average rate at which calories burn per hour during a tennis game. Finally, multiply the resulting value by the ratio of your body weight to a baseline weight of 150 pounds. The output, called CBT, estimates the number of calories burned.

Formula and Variables

The formula used in the calculator is:


Here, the variables represent:

  • CBT: Calories Burned Playing Tennis (calories)
  • TT: Total tennis time (minutes)
  • BW: Total body weight (pounds)

To put it into simple terms, this formula calculates the calories burned during tennis by dividing your tennis time by 60, multiplying by 650, and then again multiplying by the ratio of your body weight to 150.

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Let’s illustrate this with an example:

Consider a player who has a total body weight of 56 lbs and played tennis for 70 minutes. According to the formula, their Calories Burned Playing Tennis (CBT) would be:

CBT = 70/60 * 650 * 56/150 = 283.11 calories

This indicates that the player has burned approximately 283 calories during their 70-minute tennis game.


Personalized Fitness Tracking

The calculator provides personalized data, enabling you to accurately track your calorie expenditure during tennis. This aids in planning your diet and understanding your energy balance better.

Workout Planning

Understanding the number of calories you burn during a tennis game can be helpful in planning your workouts. This knowledge allows you to design your exercise routine in a way that aligns with your goals of either losing weight or maintaining your current weight. By being aware of the calories burned, you can make more informed decisions about your fitness routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Calories Burned Playing Tennis Calculator?

The calculator provides an estimate based on average metabolic rates. Individual factors like metabolic rate, muscle mass, and intensity of play can influence the actual calories burned.

Can the calculator be used for other sports?

This specific calculator is tailored for tennis. Different sports have different metabolic demands, and thus separate calculators would be required.


The Calories Burned Playing Tennis Calculator is an efficient tool to monitor and plan your workouts. By understanding the science behind it, and how to effectively utilize it, you can navigate your fitness journey with precision and knowledge.

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