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Fusing Calculator PoE Online

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The Fusing Calculator PoE, also known as Power over Ethernet Fusing Calculator, is a valuable tool designed to assist users in determining the appropriate fuse rating for Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices. This calculator simplifies the process of calculating the fuse rating required to ensure the safe and efficient operation of PoE devices.

Formula of Fusing Calculator PoE

The Fusing Calculator PoE utilizes the following formula to calculate the PoE fuse rating in amps:

PoE Fuse Rating (in amps) = (Power Budget (in watts) / Voltage Output (in volts)) + Safety Margin (in percentage) * (Power Budget (in watts) / Voltage Output (in volts))


  • Power Budget: Represents the total power available for PoE devices, measured in watts.
  • Voltage Output: Indicates the voltage supplied by the PoE switch or injector, measured in volts.
  • Safety Margin: Refers to the additional percentage of power allocated for safety or overhead, typically ranging between 10-20%.
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This formula takes into account both the power budget and voltage output, ensuring that the calculated fuse rating accounts for safety margins and overhead.

General Terms Table

PoEPower over Ethernet, a technology for transmitting electrical power and data over Ethernet cables.
Fuse RatingThe maximum current that a fuse can safely conduct.
Power BudgetTotal power available for PoE devices.
Voltage OutputVoltage supplied by the PoE switch or injector.
Safety MarginAdditional percentage of power allocated for safety or overhead.

This table provides a quick reference for users to understand key terms related to the Fusing Calculator, facilitating easier usage and comprehension.

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Example of Fusing Calculator PoE

Suppose we have a PoE system with a power budget of 100 watts and a voltage output of 48 volts. Additionally, we allocate a safety margin of 15% for overhead. Using the Fusing Calculator PoE, we can determine the appropriate fuse rating as follows:

PoE Fuse Rating = (100 / 48) + (15/100) * (100 / 48) ≈ 2.6042 amps

Therefore, the recommended PoE fuse rating for this scenario is approximately 2.60 amps.

Most Common FAQs

What is PoE?

PoE, or Power over Ethernet, is a technology that allows electrical power to be transmitted along with data over standard Ethernet cables.

How do I use the Fusing Calculator?

Simply input the power budget, voltage output, and safety margin into the calculator, then click “Calculate” to obtain the recommended fuse rating.

What happens if the fuse rating is incorrect?

Using an incorrect fuse rating can lead to device malfunction, damage, or even safety hazards. It’s essential to accurately calculate the fuse rating using tools like the Fusing Calculator.

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