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Panama Canal Fees Calculator Online

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Navigating the world of maritime transit costs, specifically those associated with the Panama Canal, can be daunting. This makes the Panama Canal Fees Calculator, a pivotal tool in today’s maritime industry, all the more indispensable. It ensures precise estimation of transit fees, ensuring you stay in control of your budget.


The Panama Canal Fees Calculator is a modern and efficient tool designed to accurately estimate the transit fees associated with traversing the Panama Canal. It incorporates specific variables related to the vessel and the set rates by the Panama Canal Authority.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The Panama Canal Fees Calculator functions by considering the tonnage of the vessel, the rate per ton, and the total tonnage—all in accordance with the Panama Canal Universal Measurement System (PC/UMS). It facilitates accurate calculation of transit fees, helping users to plan and budget effectively.

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Formula and Variables Description

The calculator operates on a formula:

Total Transit Fee = (PC/UMS Tonnage) x (Rate per PC/UMS Ton) x (Number of PC/UMS Tons).

Here, ‘PC/UMS Tonnage’ is the vessel’s tonnage, ‘Rate per PC/UMS Ton’ is the set rate per ton by the Panama Canal Authority, and ‘Number of PC/UMS Tons’ signifies the total tonnage.


Consider a vessel with a PC/UMS tonnage of 1000 tons. If the rate per PC/UMS ton is $5 and the number of PC/UMS tons is 500, the total transit fee will be: 1000 (tonnage) x 5 (rate) x 500 (number of tons) = $2,500,000.


Personal Use

The Panama Canal Fees Calculator is a valuable tool for personal use, allowing boat owners and operators to predict transit costs with ease and accuracy.

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Commercial Use

For businesses in maritime logistics or shipping companies, this calculator serves as an essential tool for cost estimation and price strategy formulation.

Most Common FAQs

What exactly is PC/UMS Tonnage?

PC/UMS Tonnage refers to the tonnage of the vessel as per the Panama Canal Universal Measurement System. It is an essential parameter in calculating transit fees.

How accurate is the Panama Canal Fees Calculator?

The Panama Canal Fees Calculator provides a close estimation of transit fees. However, actual fees may vary due to factors such as additional services used during transit.


The Panama Canal Fees Calculator stands as a beacon of convenience and accuracy in the vast sea of maritime logistics. This tool, while simple, carries a significant impact in terms of budgeting and strategic planning, truly revolutionizing the way we view transit fees associated with the Panama Canal.

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