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Option Strangle Calculator Online

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Option Strangle Calculator. This powerful tool helps investors like you optimize trading strategies, specifically option strangles, leading to more profitable decisions.

Definition of Option Strangle

An Option Strangle is a sophisticated investment strategy involving the simultaneous purchase of both call and put options with the same expiry date but different strike prices. It’s an approach taken when an investor expects a significant price swing in a stock but is unsure of the direction.

Detailed Explanation of the Option Strangle Calculator’s Working

Our Option Strangle Calculator simplifies the process of calculating breakeven points and potential profit or loss in an option strangle strategy. By simply inputting the strike prices of the call and put options, along with the net premium paid, the calculator outputs the upper and lower breakeven points swiftly.

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The Option Strangle Formula and Variable Description

The calculator uses the following formulas:

  • Upper Breakeven Point (UBEP) = Strike Price of the Call Option + Net Premium Paid
  • Lower Breakeven Point (LBEP) = Strike Price of the Put Option – Net Premium Paid

Here, the strike price is the set price at which the option can be bought or sold. The net premium paid is the combined cost of the call and put options.

Example of an Option Strangle Calculation

Let’s say you purchase a call option with a strike price of $105 and a put option with a strike price of $95, with a combined net premium of $10. The UBEP would be $115 ($105 + $10), and the LBEP would be $85 ($95 – $10). These represent your breakeven points.

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Applications of the Option Strangle Strategy


The option strangle strategy is often used for hedging purposes. It provides a safety net for investors during periods of market uncertainty, potentially offsetting losses from other investments.


Speculators often utilize option strangles to profit from anticipated price volatility. It allows them to benefit from significant price movements in either direction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Option Strangles and Calculations

When should an investor use an option strangle strategy?

An option strangle strategy is typically employed when the investor anticipates a big price movement but is uncertain about the direction.

How does the Option Strangle Calculator help investors?

The Option Strangle Calculator simplifies the process of determining potential profit or loss and breakeven points. This helps investors make informed decisions about implementing this strategy.


The Option Strangle Calculator is an invaluable tool for any investor considering the option strangle strategy. By simplifying the complex calculations involved, it allows for informed decision-making, facilitating profit optimization and risk management in volatile market conditions. Understand and utilize it effectively to enhance your trading strategy.

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