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Lost Wages Calculator Online For Self Employed

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Calculating lost wages for self-employed individuals is an essential aspect of making insurance claims or litigation for lost income. This blog post presents a detailed guide on how to use a calculator to estimate lost wages for self-employed individuals, thereby providing accurate and objective figures for such claims or litigations.


A lost wages calculator for self-employed individuals is a tool that estimates the income loss incurred due to unforeseen circumstances that prevent them from working, such as illness, injury, or other disruptive events. This calculator employs various parameters like average annual income, the time period of lost wages, and additional incurred costs to provide an accurate estimation of lost income.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

Our lost wages calculator works based on certain inputs and applies a mathematical formula to calculate the lost income. The user is required to input their average annual income before the incident and the time period for which wages were lost. These inputs are then used in a formula to calculate the daily income and consequently, the total lost wages.

Properly Formatted Formula with Variables Description

The formula the calculator uses is as follows:

Daily Income = Annual Income / 365

Lost Wages = Daily Income * Number of Days

The variables used in this formula are:

  • Annual Income: This is the total income the individual earns in a year.
  • Number of Days: This is the total number of days the individual could not work due to the incident.


For instance, if a self-employed individual has an annual income of $73,000 and has lost 30 days of work due to an injury, the calculator would first calculate the daily income by dividing $73,000 by 365, yielding roughly $200 per day. Then it multiplies this daily income by 30 (days lost), giving a total lost wage of $6,000.


The lost wages calculator for self-employed individuals is primarily used in:

  • Insurance Claims: Self-employed individuals can use this tool to estimate their lost wages when making insurance claims.
  • Legal Proceedings: The calculator is used to provide an objective figure for lost income in cases of litigations.
  • Personal Financial Planning: The calculator is also used for personal financial management to assess the impact of lost working days on annual income.


Is the lost wages calculator accurate?

The calculator provides an estimation based on the inputs provided. However, it doesn’t account for variations in income or additional costs unless these are included in the inputs.

Can I include additional costs in the calculation of the lost wage?

Yes, if these costs are directly related to the incident causing the lost wages, they can be included in the calculation.


In conclusion, the lost wages calculator for self-employed individuals is a handy tool for assessing the financial impact of lost work days. It provides an objective and accurate method to quantify lost income, which can be instrumental in insurance claims and legal proceedings.

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