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Blended Rate Calculator | Simplify Your Loan Portfolio

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The Blended Rate Calculator is a powerful tool that calculates the effective interest rate across multiple loans or investments. Combining interest rates and balances simplifies the process of understanding your overall financial situation. In this article, we’ll explain the concept of the blended rate, how it works, and how you can use it to make informed financial decisions.

What is a Blended Rate?

A blended rate refers to the average interest rate on multiple loans or investments. It’s a single, combined rate that reflects the weighted average of all the individual rates, considering their respective balances. Blended rates provide a simplified way to understand your overall financial picture, especially when dealing with various loans or investments with different rates.

Blended Rate Formula

The blended rate is calculated using the following formula:

blended rate = Σ(balances * rates) / Σ(balances)

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Where: Σ(balances * rates) is the sum of all balances multiplied by their respective rates; Σ(balances) is the total of all balances for the period.

Blended Rate Calculator: How It Works

The Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to input multiple loan or investment balances and their corresponding interest rates. It calculates the effective blended rate, providing a clear and concise understanding of your overall interest rate.

Adding Amortizations

The calculator permits users to add as many amortizations as needed. By clicking the “Add Amortization” button, you can input the balance and interest rate for each loan or investment.

Example Calculation

Using the provided example: Amortization

1: Balance – $4,555; Rate – 7% Amortization

2: Balance – $2,500; Rate – 5% Amortization

3: Balance – $4,000; Rate – 5% Amortization

4: Balance – $5,666; Rate – 6% Amortization

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The outputs are the following:

Effective Blended Rate: 5.884% Total Balance: $16,721

Applications of the Blended Rate Calculator

Loan consolidation: Determine whether consolidating multiple loans into one is financially advantageous by comparing the blended rate to the consolidation loan’s interest rate.

Investment portfolio analysis: Assess the overall performance of your investments by calculating the blended rate of return.

Financial planning: Gain a clearer understanding of your financial situation, enabling more informed decisions regarding debt repayment or investment strategies.


What is the purpose of the Blended Rate Calculator?

The Blended Rate Calculator helps users determine the effective interest rate across multiple loans or investments, simplifying financial management and decision-making.

How does the calculator determine the blended rate?

The calculator uses the formula: blended rate = Σ(balances * rates) / Σ(balances), which calculates the weighted average of all individual rates, considering their respective balances.

How many amortizations can I add to the calculator?

The Blended Rate Calculator allows you to add as many amortizations as you need. Simply click the “Add Amortization” button to input additional balances and interest rates.


The Calculator is a valuable tool for individuals managing multiple loans or investments. Providing a simplified overview of your financial situation, it allows you to make informed decisions regarding loan consolidation, investment portfolio analysis, and financial planning. With the ability to add unlimited amortizations and an easy-to-use interface, the Blended Rate Calculator can be an essential resource for anyone looking to better understand their overall financial picture.

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