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Magnetic Reluctance Calculator Online

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In the realm of physics and electromagnetism, understanding magnetic reluctance, commonly referred to as magnetic resistance, is paramount. Magnetic reluctance, denoted by ‘R’, is a concept used to indicate how much a material resists the magnetic field or flux passing through it. A tool that enables you to easily compute this resistance is the Magnetic Reluctance Calculator. This article will delve into this incredibly useful tool, exploring its working mechanism, underlying formula, and wide array of applications.

Understanding the Magnetic Reluctance Calculator

A Magnetic Reluctance Calculator is an online tool designed to swiftly calculate magnetic reluctance with utmost accuracy. It takes into account two essential variables: magnetomotive force (F) and magnetic flux (Φ), expressed in Ampere-turns and Webers, respectively. By providing these values, the calculator does the heavy lifting and promptly delivers the magnetic reluctance.

The Magnetic Reluctance Formula: An Explanation

The Magnetic Reluctance Calculator operates based on a fundamental formula in electromagnetism:

R = F / Φ


R represents the magnetic reluctance, measured in ampere-turns per weber.

F symbolizes the magnetomotive force, quantified in ampere-turns.

Φ stands for the magnetic flux, expressed in Webers.

In this equation, magnetic reluctance (R) is understood as the ratio of magnetomotive force (F) to magnetic flux (Φ).

A Detailed Example of Using the Magnetic Reluctance Calculator

To better illustrate how this tool functions, let’s walk through a sample calculation. Suppose we have the following values:

Magnetomotive Force (F) = 34 ampere-turns Magnetic Flux (Φ) = 43 Webers

To compute the magnetic reluctance, we insert these values into the formula:

R = F / Φ = 34 / 43 ≈ 0.7907 ampere-turns per weber

Hence, with the given magnetomotive force and magnetic flux, our magnetic reluctance is approximately 0.7907 ampere-turns/weber.

Applications of the Magnetic Reluctance Calculator

The Magnetic Reluctance Calculator is an indispensable instrument for physicists, engineers, and students alike. It helps in designing magnetic circuits, understanding the behavior of magnetic fields in various materials, and studying electromagnetic devices. Furthermore, this tool has been essential in the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, electric motors, transformers, and inductors.

Most Common FAQs

What is Magnetic Reluctance?

Magnetic reluctance, similar to electrical resistance, represents the opposition offered by a substance to the passage of a magnetic field.

How does the Magnetic Reluctance Calculator work?

The Magnetic Reluctance Calculator uses the fundamental formula R = F / Φ, where ‘R’ is the magnetic reluctance, ‘F’ is the magnetomotive force, and ‘Φ’ is the magnetic flux. It calculates the reluctance based on the values of force and flux provided.

What are the units of measurement?

Magnetic reluctance is measured in ampere-turns per Weber, magnetomotive force in ampere-turns, and magnetic flux in Webers.


The Magnetic Reluctance Calculator is a fundamental tool in understanding and manipulating the properties of magnetic fields. By providing an easy and accurate way to calculate magnetic reluctance, it allows users to navigate the intricacies of electromagnetism effortlessly.

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