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hp to kVA Calculator Online

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The hp to kVA calculator serves as a valuable tool for individuals and professionals alike in the field of electrical engineering and power management. It facilitates the conversion of horsepower (hp) into kilovolt-amperes (kVA), providing crucial insights into power consumption and distribution. Whether for single-phase or three-phase systems, this calculator offers a quick and accurate way to determine the electrical capacity required for various applications.

Formula of hp to kVA Calculator

For single-phase systems:

kVA = (hp * 0.746) / PF

For three-phase systems:

kVA = (hp * 0.746 * sqrt(3)) / PF


  • hp: horsepower
  • PF: power factor (a value between 0 and 1)
  • sqrt(3): square root of 3 (approximately 1.732)
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Table of General Terms

kWKilowatt (unit of electrical power)
VAVolt-Ampere (apparent power)
Power FactorRatio of real power to apparent power in an electrical circuit
Three-PhaseA type of electrical power transmission utilizing three wires
Single-PhaseA type of electrical power transmission utilizing one wire

Example of hp to kVA Calculator

Suppose we have a single-phase system with a horsepower rating of 10 hp and a power factor of 0.8. Using the formula provided:

kVA = (10 * 0.746) / 0.8 = 9.325 VA

Thus, the required kVA for this single-phase system would be approximately 9.325 VA.

Most Common FAQs

What is power factor (PF)?

Power factor is a dimensionless quantity ranging from 0 to 1 that measures the efficiency of electrical power usage in a system. A higher power factor indicates more efficient power usage, reducing wasted energy and optimizing performance.

How do I interpret the calculated kVA value?

The calculated kVA value represents the apparent power rating required for the specified horsepower and power factor in the electrical system. It serves as a crucial metric for determining the capacity and efficiency of power distribution equipment, helping to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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