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Faraday’s Law Calculator Online

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The Faraday’s Law Calculator is a tool used to determine the amount of substance in moles generated from a given electric current and time. It applies Faraday’s Law, which establishes a relationship between the quantity of electricity (measured in Coulombs) and the quantity of a substance produced or consumed during an electrolysis process.

Formula of Faraday’s Law Calculator

The formula for calculating the amount of substance (in moles) using Faraday’s Law is:

Amount of substance (in moles) = Electric current (in amperes) * Time (in seconds) / Faraday’s constant

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  • Faraday’s constant (F) ≈ 96,485 C/mol

This formula helps in understanding the quantitative relationship between electrical charge, time, and the resulting substance in moles.

Table of General Terms

Electric CurrentThe flow of electric charge measured in amperes (A).
TimeThe duration for which the current flows measured in seconds.
Faraday’s constantA physical constant representing the charge per mole of electrons.

This table provides essential definitions of terms related to the Faraday’s Law Calculator, aiding users in better understanding the concepts involved.

Example of Faraday’s Law Calculator

Consider an electric current of 5 amperes passing through a system for 60 seconds. Using the Faraday’s Calculator:

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Amount of substance = 5 A * 60 s / 96,485 C/mol ≈ 0.0031 moles

This example demonstrates how to apply the formula to calculate the amount of substance concerning specific electric current and time values.

Most Common FAQs

1. How is Faraday’s Law relevant in everyday life?

Faraday’s Law plays a crucial role in various fields, such as electrochemistry, metal extraction, and electrolysis processes used in industries.

2. Can Faraday’s Law Calculator be used for different substances?

Yes, Faraday’s Calculator is versatile and applicable to various substances as it calculates the amount of substance produced or consumed based on the provided electric current and time.

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