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Timber Retaining Wall Calculator Online

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The Timber Retaining Wall Calculator is an innovative online tool that simplifies the calculation process for designing and building a timber retaining wall. It takes into account various factors such as the height, length, and thickness of the timber boards, as well as the total number of boards and support posts needed. By inputting these measurements, the calculator provides an accurate estimate of materials, including the volume of backfill material, gravel, and soil required. This tool is invaluable for homeowners, gardeners, and construction professionals alike, offering a clear overview of the project scope and material needs.

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Formula of Timber Retaining Wall Calculator

The Timber Retaining Wall Calculator uses a set of formulas to calculate the necessary quantities of materials. Here is a breakdown of these formulas for those who prefer manual calculations or wish to understand the calculator’s logic:

Height of Retaining Wall (H) = Desired height of the wall
Length of Retaining Wall (L) = Total length of the wall
Width of Retaining Wall (W) = Width of the wall (usually 6 inches)
Thickness of Timber Boards (T) = Thickness of each timber board (usually 6 inches)
Number of Timber Boards (N) = (H / T) + 1
Total Length of Timber Boards (TL) = N * L
Total Area of Timber Boards (A) = TL * W
Number of Support Posts (P) = (L / 4) + 1
Total Length of Support Posts (SL) = P * H
Volume of Backfill Material (V) = L * W * H
Total Amount of Gravel or Drainage Stone (G) = V * 0.1 (10% of the volume)
Total Amount of Soil (S) = V - G

These calculations are essential for estimating the quantity of materials needed and ensuring the structural integrity of the retaining wall.

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General Terms and Calculations

Timber Board Thickness6 inches (15.24 cm)Standard thickness for timber boards used in retaining walls.
Width of Retaining Wall6 inches (15.24 cm)Standard width for the construction of the wall itself.
Support Post Interval4 feet (1.22 meters)Distance between support posts for structural integrity.
Volume of Backfill MaterialL * W * HCalculated in cubic feet or cubic meters for material estimate.
Gravel or Drainage Stone10% of Backfill VolumeEssential for drainage behind the wall to prevent water pressure buildup.
Soil ReplacementVolume of Backfill Material – Volume of GravelAmount of soil needed after accounting for gravel.
Weight of Soil per Cubic YardApproximately 2,200 lbs (997 kg)Useful for estimating delivery needs and structural calculations.
Average Cost of Timber BoardVariable based on market and qualityImportant for budgeting; consult local suppliers for current prices.
Conversion: Inches to Centimeters1 inch = 2.54 cmFor international projects where metric is preferred.

Example of Timber Retaining Wall Calculator

Imagine you want to build a retaining wall that is 3 feet high and 10 feet long. Assuming a standard width of 6 inches for the wall and timber boards that are 6 inches thick, here’s how you would use the formulas:

  1. Calculate the number of timber boards needed.
  2. Determine the total length of timber boards.
  3. Estimate the total area of timber boards.
  4. Find out the number of support posts required.
  5. Calculate the total length of support posts.
  6. Estimate the volume of backfill material, gravel, and soil.
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This example helps visualize the process and emphasizes the calculator’s practical application in planning and executing a timber retaining wall project.

Most Common FAQs

What is the ideal thickness for timber boards in a retaining wall?

The ideal thickness typically depends on the wall’s height and the soil’s pressure. However, 6 inches is commonly used for residential projects.

How many support posts do I need?

You generally need one support post for every 4 feet of wall length, plus one extra for the end of the wall.

Can I use the calculator for walls of any size?

Yes, the Timber Retaining Wall Calculator is versatile and can be adjusted for walls of various sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.

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