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Skirting Calculator Online

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The Skirting Calculator is a handy tool designed to simplify the process of determining the total amount of skirting required for a room. By inputting specific measurements, this calculator computes the necessary quantity of skirting boards needed to complete a room’s perimeter while accounting for any spaces occupied by doors or openings.

Formula of Skirting Calculator

The formula utilized by the Skirting Calculator is relatively straightforward:

Total Skirting Required = (Perimeter of Room − Total Width of Doors / Openings) × 1.1

This formula takes into consideration the total perimeter of the room and subtracts the combined width of all doors or openings. The resulting value is then multiplied by 1.1 to ensure an adequate margin for variations and adjustments.

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General Terms and Relevant Information

To further aid users, here are some general terms often searched regarding skirting boards and room measurements:

Skirting BoardsWooden or PVC boards used to cover the base of walls.
Perimeter of RoomThe total distance around the edges of a room.
Width of Doors/OpeningsCombined width of all doorways or openings in the room.

Understanding these terms can be beneficial, especially when calculating skirting requirements without the need to perform calculations manually each time.

Example of Skirting Calculator

For instance, consider a room with a perimeter of 20 meters and a total width of doors or openings amounting to 5 meters. By applying the formula:

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Total Skirting Required = (20 – 5) × 1.1 = 15 × 1.1 = 16.5 meters

Therefore, in this scenario, approximately 16.5 meters of skirting boards would be needed to adequately cover the perimeter of the room.

Most Common FAQs

Q: Can the Skirting Calculator account for irregularly shaped rooms?

A: Yes, the calculator considers the entire perimeter of the room, regardless of its shape or irregularities.

Q: Should I include winow measurements in the total width of openings?

A: It is advisable to only include doorways or openings that require skirting boards and exclude window measurements.

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