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Roof Pitch Angle Calculator Online

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The Roof Pitch Angle Calculator is an essential tool that assists in estimating the necessary sheathing material for roofs with varying slopes. By inputting the roof span (horizontal distance across the roof) and the roof pitch angle in radians, this calculator computes the diagonal length of sheathing required.


The formula for calculating the diagonal length of roof sheathing is:

Diagonal Length = Roof Span / cos(Roof Pitch Angle)

Here, the Roof Span represents the horizontal distance across the roof, while the Roof Pitch Angle is measured in radians.

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General Terms & Conversions

Below is a table featuring general terms commonly searched for and relevant conversions:

Roof SpanHorizontal distance across the roof
Roof Pitch AngleSlope of the roof in radians
Diagonal LengthLength of sheathing needed
Radians to DegreesConversion calculator

This table aims to provide quick reference points, aiding users in understanding the terminology and making efficient use of the calculator.

Example of Roof Pitch Angle Calculator

Let’s consider a practical scenario. For a roof with a span of 10 meters and a pitch angle of 30 degrees (approximately 0.52 radians), the calculated diagonal length using the formula would be:

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Diagonal Length = 10 / cos(0.52) ≈ Result

This exemplifies how the calculator simplifies the estimation process, offering accurate measurements crucial for planning and material procurement.

Most Common FAQs:

Q1: How do I determine the Roof Span?

Answer: Measure the horizontal distance from one end of the roof to the other to obtain the Roof Span value.

Q2: Can I use degrees instead of radians for the Roof Pitch Angle?

Answer: Yes, you can convert degrees to radians easily by multiplying the degree value by π/180.

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