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Cost Of Loft Conversion Calculator Online

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A Cost of Loft Conversion Calculator is a handy tool designed to estimate the potential cost of converting a loft or attic space into a usable living area. This calculator uses a few simple inputs to provide an estimated cost of loft conversion. Before we delve into the inner workings of this tool, let’s understand the basic formula it uses.


The main formula used in a Cost of Loft Conversion Calculator is straightforward. The calculator multiplies the total floor area of the loft (in square meters) by the cost per square meter of the loft conversion.

Estimated Cost = Floor Area (in sq. m.) * Cost per Square Meter

It’s important to remember that this is a rough estimate. The actual cost can be affected by many factors, such as the complexity of the conversion, the materials used, and the region in which you live.

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Working of the Calculator

  1. Input Fields: The calculator starts with two main input fields: one for the floor area of the loft (in square meters), and one for the cost per square meter of the loft conversion. These are the primary variables that the calculator uses to estimate the cost of a loft conversion.
  2. Calculate Button: After inputting the floor area and the cost per square meter, you can click the Calculate button to compute the estimated cost. The calculator verifies that both inputs are valid and positive before performing the calculation.
  3. Result Field: Once calculated, the estimated cost is displayed in a result field. This field is set to readonly mode, ensuring that the output cannot be manually changed.
  4. Reset Button: Next to the Calculate button is a Reset button. When clicked, this button clears all the input fields, allowing you to perform another calculation with new values.
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Let’s say you have a loft with a floor area of 50 square meters, and the cost of conversion is £1200 per square meter.

You enter these values into the Cost of Loft Conversion Calculator. Upon pressing the Calculate button, the calculator multiplies the floor area by the cost per square meter to find the estimated cost.

Estimated Cost = 50 sq. m. * £1200 per sq. m. = £60,000

This means that the estimated cost of converting your loft would be £60,000.

Remember, the values returned by the Cost of Loft Conversion Calculator are only estimates. For a more accurate quotation, it’s best to consult with a professional contractor or surveyor who can consider all the variables and specific details of your project. But for a rough estimate and a starting point in your planning, this calculator can be an incredibly useful tool.

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