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Annulus Volume Calculator Online

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An annulus volume calculator is an indispensable tool in many fields of study, from architecture to engineering. However, to effectively utilize this calculator, a comprehensive understanding of its underlying principles and applications is crucial. This guide seeks to elucidate these aspects in detail.

Definition of an Annulus and its Volume

An annulus is a geometric figure that resembles a ring or a flat doughnut shape. It is the region enclosed by two concentric circles, with a larger outer circle and a smaller inner one. The volume of an annulus is calculated as the difference in volumes of the two cylindrical spaces formed by the circles when extended into the third dimension.

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Working of the Annulus Volume Calculator

The annulus volume calculator utilizes the mathematical formula for calculating the volume of a cylindrical shape, with a modification to account for the smaller, inner cylindrical space. By subtracting the volume of the inner cylinder from the outer one, it effectively calculates the volume of the annulus.

Formula and Variable Descriptions

The formula for the annulus volume is given as V = πh(R² – r²), where:

  • V represents the volume of the annulus
  • h represents the height of the annulus
  • R is the radius of the outer circle
  • r is the radius of the inner circle

The calculator takes in the values of R, r, and h as inputs and computes the annulus volume.

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Practical Example

Let’s consider an example where we have an outer radius (R) of 5 units, an inner radius (r) of 3 units, and a height (h) of 10 units. Plugging these values into the formula gives us a volume of approximately 314 units³.



In engineering, particularly in fields like hydraulics, the concept of annulus volume is frequently used when working with pipes and cylinders.


In architecture, this concept aids in determining the volume of spaces in structures that possess a similar shape to an annulus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the calculator handle negative values?

No, the calculator cannot handle negative values for the radius or height. Negative dimensions do not exist in physical reality.


Understanding the fundamentals of an annulus volume calculator is pivotal for anyone dealing with circular and cylindrical structures. With this knowledge, users can accurately compute the volume of an annulus, aiding their work in numerous scientific and engineering applications.

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